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Daughter of Dáunau and Threy, the goddess Dáwan is the Queen and Ruler of the merfolk city of Siul. She is honored by rulers and daughters wed to rulers in Pytharnia and north Danona. Dáwan is regarded as a queen in her own right and the heiress to the great goddess, Dáunau.

Despite the wane of the influence of the Isxinthion Gods through the centuries, the princes and priestesses of Siul insist Dáwan continues to rule the submarine city to this day.

In art, Dáwan is depicted with a small tiara, encrusted with pearls and exotic shells. Although she is human in form, her subjects are all merfolk. She is said to dwell in a temple-palace under the sea in Siul with her court of merfolk, tritons, dolphins, and treasures.

In Arathracian Art, Dáwan is depicted with Saint Erreagea, especially on ancuvetácodh.

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