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Locator Map showing Dúrandwor in relationship to the rest of the Greater Pallathantic

The land of Dúrandwor comprises a sloping strip of land in southern Pytharnia from the Pallathantic Sea to the Mathgefrew Mountains. The named Dúrandwor is thought to come from ancient Moigthe and means land of the great land because it ascends from the sea to the foothills of the mountains. The name Dúrandwor is a geographic and cultural region and not a state. Most of Dúrandwor is within the Kingdom of Thrain. The smaller, western portion makes up the Duchy of Ogentir which is part of the Empire of Magdala. Dúrandwor has a long heritage of Moigthe Tribes who were subjected by the Midretassene Empire. The language spoken throughout Dúrandwor is Dúrandworese and it is related to Tassan and Throvian by common descent from ancient Midretassene. It has a great number of borrowed words from ancient Moigthe and later Classical Yophenthean. Dúrandwor like much of the Pallathantic was part of the Yophenthean Empire. In very ancient times, Dúrandwor was ruled by Geddamin Giants and later by the Neptultchi until the immigration of the Moigthe Tribes.

Dúrandwor rests along a strip of land in southern Pytharnia

Dúrandwor rises steadily from the sea to the Mathgefrew Mountains. The climate is moderately temperate with little or no snow in the winter, except in and near the mountains. The summers are warm and humid. The chief cities are Verdida, the capital of Thrain, Paddarvi, the ruling seat of Ogentir, and the cities of Glithmacuma, Andribeda, Smaye Glame, Opponoppe, Math Ontair, and Mevadapin.


Dúrandwor is under the rule of the Kingdom of Thrain, the Duchy of Ogentir, the County of Dawnu, the County of Indisfeire, and the Principality of Ddasfiali. All of these states are part of the Union of Pytharnia, but on the Kingdom of Thrain is a partner in its own right. The other states are subject to the Empire of Magdala.

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