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The city of Dagdoria rests in the southern end of the Dwarven Plateau in the Jaggudorn Mountains.

Dagdoria is the chief city and royal capital of the dwarven kingdom of the same name. The underground city was established in 2332 AS by Qaish'aa dwarves who emigrated from the Ithrad Mountains and thus is significantly younger than Themet which was founded in 6303 AS. Dagdoria was selected by the dwarves due to the presence of rich gold veins. The Kingdom of Dagdoria is the southernmost of the three contiguous Qaish'aa dwarven kingdoms of southwestern Jaggudorns. Dagdoria neighbors the Commonwealth of Gdelisica to the west, the Kingdom of Themet to the northwest, the Amandal Republic to the east, Aurician Agogia to the southeast, and the Viceroyalty of Jagohr to the southwest. The Chaosflow River passes through the valley, draining into the Shadew River. The greater region known as Dagdoria is called after its chief city and rests in the southern end of the Dwarven Plateau of the Jaggudorns. Dagdoria has very cold winters, but beautiful summers abundant with alpine grasses, flowers, and fruit trees. Dwarves use the land above their underground kingdom for the herding of cattle and production of goods that they cannot produce below the surface of the earth.

History of Dagdoria

Dagdoria was founded in 2332 AS by Sahamuk of the Zhamashphut clan who became the first ruler of the Dagdorian First Kingdom. Over its history of eight kingdoms and dozens of dynasties, the dwarven rulership developed into what today would be considered a 'constitutional monarchy.' Dagdoria was a subject client state of the Yophenthean Empire and its monarchy fell vacant during the Middle Ages of Chaos when dwarves who renounced the chaos gods fled for refuge to the Amandal Plateau.

Kingdom of Dagdoria

Map of the Kingdom of Dagdoria in southern Jaggudorns
Flag of the Kingdom of Dagdoria

The current king of Dagdoria is Baadvudim Gamkhús of the Gamkhús Dynasty and the Dagdorian Eighth Kingdom. Baadvudim Gamkhús rules by the consent of the dwarven assembly known as the Khimbushaa'dhi which consists of the patriarchs of all the great dwarven houses, both noble and commoner. The Kingdom is a member of the Dwarven Customs Union of the Jaggudorns and enjoys major commercial ties to Aurician Agogia and the rest of Pytharnia. Dagdoria is one of the original signatory nations of the Accord of the Princes of Law.


Dagdoria produces superb dwarven metallurgical implements, including famous dwarven swords, spears, and pole-arms. Dagdoria also produces fine dwarvenfire artillery and weapons and is a leading developer and manufacturer of titancraft technologies in the Pallathantic Region and many dragonrail cars used in the Empire of Magdala are manufactured in Dagdoria. Banking and finance are also important components of the Dagdorian economy. The mining of gold remains an important industry, although all the richest veins are believed to have been depleted. Above-ground Dagdoria is famous for its numerous dwarven jewelry shops. Dagdoria is also a leading producer of titancraft mining engines.

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