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b 2387, d 2619. Ithradite dwarven inventor and discoverer from Tauhad, Dak-Haadh Asusa inventor, philosopher, and political progressive, discoverer of the principles behind the titancraft winddriver turbine in the early 2400's, which enabled vastly increased colonization of other parts of the world by Pallathantic and Barathorn powers and checked the power of the Gorcorumbese Empire. Early in his career, he designed the profundo, the predecessor of the Elelichthon. He died at the age of 231 in an airship crash in the Ithrads.

At the time of the Isbajutha, titancraft was little understood. Most wizards and virtually all grunterers considered titancraft to be a concoction of conventional magecraft with a bit of subversive chaos witchcraft. Titancraft was not understood to be a technology devoid of philosophical bias. Dak-Haadh Asusa used agents and spent a great deal of his family's fortune to acquire and transport the captured technology from Ebinóë to his estate underground in the Ithrads where he studied pristine titancraft engines, some with actual parts from the original titan age. The cost of the captured titancraft itself was only considerably. The overall cost rose as Asusa had to give out many bribes to keep a lid on his acquisitions and prevent other would-be purchasers from outbidding him. Further expenses arose to transport the titancraft at night out of the sight of dwarven authorities who at this time considered titancraft to be subversive and harmful. During the decade of the 2440's, Asusa and trusted members of his family in secret reverse-engineered the titancraft rotary turbine engine. They were pioneers of early titancraft retromechanics.

By the 2500's, the dwarves' use of titancraft for the profundo and the dragonrail become widespread. Aurice followed Asusa's lead and back-engineered captured craft, most notably the Dreadnought, in the Fifth Geddamin War which established Aurice as one of the leading developers of titancraft in the world.

Asusa was a great advocate of Ithradic titancraft development. Despite the overshadowing by the technological superiority of Sardeichs and Aurice, Tauhad continues to be an important center of titancraft development and manufactures.

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