Deavingeal Dynasty

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The divided Golden Empire of Pytharnia in the twelfth century

The Deavingeal Dynasty wrested the western reaches of the Golden Empire of Pytharnia from the Golviaril Dynasty over the years of 1092 to 1094 AI.

Rulers of the Deavingeal Dynasty

  • Folmagaliag Ironheart: rules 1094 to 1103, first ruler of Deavingeal Dynasty who defeats Golviarils in war, 1092 to 1094.
  • Subsequent rulers, 1103 to 1121
  • Arriudh the Doughty: reigned 1121 to 1137, last ruler of the Deavingeal Dynasty, life 1082 to 1137
  • Tehaspir dhailg Arriudh: 1140, last heir to Deavingeal Dynasty renounces throne and converts to Ambrasianism, subsequently joining the Ambrasian Clergy.

Decline and End of Deavingeal Dynasty

The Deavingeals ruled this portion of southwestern Pytharnia until their collapse and the Ambrasian Reformation. In 1140, Tehaspir dhailg Arriuidh, the last heir to Deavingeal Dynasty, renounced the throne and converted to Ambrasianism. He joined the Ambrasian clergy.

In 1261, the Thracian warlord, Elaksund the Conqueror, (born 1228, died 1262), emigrated from Jamenth, invaded Bryndyd and settled Asbard Clans in southern Rhaunvia, becoming King of the Asbards and lord of Bryndyd and overlord of Asbardy, destroying any reasonable possibility of a restoration of Yophenthean rule of Pytharnia.

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