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The union of gods and mortals engendered demi-mortals and their offspring known as the demi-mortal races. Members of these races exercised great hieratic and innate abilities. Anciently, their power was legendary and great. Today, some persons claim to trace their lineage to the demi-mortals, but it is doubtful they possess any supernatural powers thereby.

The present day term for someone descended from the union of a divinity and a mortal parent is called a demi-mortal on Asdar. This may be either a cambion of the first generation or one of lineal descent from such a union.

There are several historic races that claimed descent from one of the Isxinthion Gods, most notably, the Arathracians, the Mipnors, the Tuvarions, and the Eabh Lahoir.

Today, there are many who can claim their ancestors descended from the gods. However, they do not have any special powers due to the many generations that have transpired. On the rare occasion that someone does have a demonstrable power it is said to be atavistic.

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Demi-Mortal Races

Human ~Demi-Mortal Races [from most ancient to most recent]

Hœrnectian Gods
  • Hanaaku Princes [Rulers of Hoernect]
  • Glaäpi [demi-mortal throe race, offspring of Glaä, Hoernect]
Isxinthion Gods
  • Addanids (offspring of Addan, son of goddess Feath Magdaia & Zuconus (mortal))
  • Zurstani Nobles [Knohm]
  • Mipnors [Parkyo] King Myddarddowen
  • Tuvarions/Shonder (Kalikán Nobles) [Thwar]
  • Arathraciots Yophenthean Priest-Noble [Arathrax]
  • Tyskvál [Threy, Llewthor], related to the Xsytes
  • Zarajoveni Nobles [Abyssal Amrulon]
Neptultchi Gods
  • Neptultchi God-Princes [Qualin, son of Lucuach & Ogia]
Zephasian Gods
Other Gods
  • Zephrites [Jeranjuli]
  • Opazites [Eshik, or their equivalent of Eshik] Huge ocean empire in southeastern Asdar
  • Ehane [fr. Esandephynnio, unknown gods]

What is Demi-Mortality?

Demi-mortality is a condition of one’s ancestry. If one or more recent ancestors is a god, then the character is demi-mortal. Some demi-mortal races have arisen on Asdar—a people whose demi-mortality is traced back to the same demi-mortal ancestor and god. Nevertheless, some demi-mortal individuals do not belong to a race—their ancestry is only recently demi-mortal, perhaps their very own parent was a god. Virtually all demi-mortal races are god-human combinations. All human demi-mortals typically have higher Attractiveness. A demi-mortal does not necessarily have all the powers listed for his race. The higher amount of demi-mortality in his veins, the more the powers or the stronger the powers are.

Human Demi-Mortal Races [from most ancient to most recent]
  • Hanaaku Princes [Rulers of Hoernect]
  • Glaapi [demi-mortal throe race, offspring of Glaä, Hoernect]
  • Neptultchi God-Princes [Qualin, son of Lucuach & Ogia]
  • Chalydians (offspring of Khaldahu) [Eliphossi]
  • Addanids (offspring of Addan, son of goddess Feath Magdaia & Zuconus (mortal))
  • Amosgirts [Smidgurt]
  • Eabh Lahoir [Mamuhan]
  • Zephrites [Jeranjuli]
  • Opazites [Eshik, or their equivalent of Eshik] Huge ocean empire in southeastern Asdar
  • Zurstani Nobles [Knohm]
  • Mipnors [Parkyo]
  • Shonder (Kalikán Nobles) [Turiel]
  • Taarnacks [Orclanx through Netherpowers]
  • Aireántar Yophenthean Priest-Noble [Arathrax]
  • Tyskvál [Threy, Llewthor]
  • Zarajoveni Nobles [Abyssal Amrulon]
  • Ehane [fr. Esandephynnio, unknown gods]
Hanaaku Princes
  • swim beautifully
Neptultchi God-Princes
  • see undead, even if invisible
  • command undead
  • dismiss undead
  • intercede to revive recently dead person [possibility of failure]
  • journey to underworld realm of dead
  • spirit walk—can enter ethereal plane
  • see magical energies
  • innate magical power (Nether & Elemental)
  • repel magic
  • call Catatleo (minion-of-Orclanx)
  • regenerate lost members of body
  • heal other living creatures
  • speak with dead
Chalydians [Khaldahu, son of Eliphossi, god of mist]
  • assume gaseous form and fly in gaseous form
  • mystic trance
  • walk on water
  • walk through air (not same as fly—as if walking on flat or gently sloping surface)
  • touchwater: can touch water and feel all that the water ‘feels’ within range
  • assume fish shape: can shapechange into a fish
Addanids [Addan, son of Feath Magdaia]
  • great strength
  • resistance to earth elementals
  • resistance to earth-based attacks
Zephrites [Jéranjuli, goddess of fire and secrets]
  • immune to fire of extremely high temperature
  • can swim unimpeded through lava
  • call volcanic action—a lava flow
  • call fire elemental
  • command lava—cause lava to move
  • higher willpower

—immersion in water causes damage, possible death —cold causes double damage

Amosgirts [Smidgurt, god of fire, war, and rulership]
  • immune to fire
  • great physical endurance
  • resistant to supernatural fire
  • firestroke
  • breathe fire
  • command fire
  • fire-tracks: run at 50mph+ and leave fire trail behind
  • turn undead
  • turn chaos creature
  • confuse chaos creature
  • enter Amosgire barrow
Eabh Lahoir [Mamuhan, god of astral smithy under the sea]
  • breathe water
  • great physical strength
  • swim superbly
  • endure great depths of sea
  • assume astral form
  • indesanguination: cannot bleed to death (no amount of blood loss has any harmful effect on them)
Arathracian Priest-Nobles
  • innate undead-turning ability
  • touch burns undead
  • resistant to undead draining powers
  • highly resistant to Chaos Magic—cannot be warped into a throe
  • highly resistant to mind-controlling powers of any sort
  • use Yophenthean hieratic items (patriarchal medallion, sword, etc.)
  • sunstroke power
  • sense aura of creatures, including invisible, out of phase, etc.
  • resistant to sunstroke power and other forms of hieratic fire
  • sense numina (nature spirits)
  • command numina
  • radiant persona: a fiery aura swathes the demi-mortal, burning non-Yophentheans who come too close

—must show deference to and obey Arathrax and his father, Erin-Amrulon —must bathe in sunwater or become weak —must honor hierarchical order of priest-nobles —must uphold the principals of the Yophenthean religion

Dagaithi Nobles [Knohm]
  • attract or move earth body (like a boulder or stone)
  • sense earth vibrations—what’s making them
  • call Child-of-Knohm
  • cause tremor
  • active psychic powers
  • cause agricultural fertility
  • move through earth—the earth gives way for demi-mortal to pass or burrow through
  • can perceive through earth
  • can sense precious metals and other valuable minerals
  • stonespeak: can speak with numina of earth
  • command earth numina

—become weak if not standing on or in earth (lose extra-vitality) —must show deference to Dagaithi Khamifa of Shanjahar

Shonder (Sons of Thwar)
  • fly
  • great physical strength
  • call lightning—full-strength lightning strokes
  • breathe winds
  • call air elemental
  • control air numina
  • imbue another creature with temporary flying ability
  • warcry: incites battle-lust and better combat ability in self and companions who hear, causes fear in enemies

—suffer innate claustrophobia in the underworld or under water or any enclosed space —ethnic hatred of magic (hieratics and psychics okay) —animosity towards Mipnors —animosity towards Yophentheans

Mipnor (Sons of Parkyo)
  • fly
  • higher intelligence
  • turn invisible
  • word of command (simple mind control)
  • detect lies
  • call winds
  • call air elemental
  • control air numina
  • telekinetic power over objects and creatures (does not function under earth or under water)
  • long-range vision
  • cause invisibility to another creature or object (like a skycraft)

—suffer innate claustrophobia in the deepearth or under water —must acknowledge Great Sky King —ethnic foes of the Taarnacks—will always seek to oppose or defeat the Taarnacks —animosity towards the Shonder

Taarnacks [Orclanx]
  • immune to many undead creature’s powers
  • command undead
  • fly
  • great physical endurance
  • undaunted by pain
  • innate nether magic
  • drain endurance & vitality like undead—use excess drained for period of time
  • create undead from slain foes
  • enter underworld of the dead
  • call Minion-of-Orclanx
  • cause doubt
  • cannot die of natural causes—undead immortality

—negative attractiveness score —cannot procreate —can be turned like undead

Tyskvál [Threy, Orkybanthic Threy]
  • turn invisible
  • mighty leap (‘leap’ 100 yards)
  • fly
  • teleport short distance
  • night vision
  • command undead
  • speak with dead
  • tell convincing lies, which otherwise would not be believed
  • create illusions
  • intercede to revive recently dead person [less than 50% chance of success]

—disliked by other sky races and other demi-mortal sky races

Ehane [from Esandephynnio, gods not well known]
  • fly
  • command weather
  • musical & dance magic
  • create spirit weapons
  • turn chaos creature
  • eat earth—nourishing to Ehane
  • selective invisibility—choose what kind of creature to whom you are invisible
  • spirit walk—special power that allows Ehane to find person, object, or place
  • shapeshift into animals they have seen, touched, heard, smelt, or tasted
  • heal other humans

Other Humanlike Demi-Mortals

Merrow [Eldritch]

  • Merrow Nobles [Dáwan]
  • swim fabulously
  • breathe water

Decline of Demi-mortal Heritage and Atavism

With each generation of life, the immortal inheritance wanes. Yet, even after generations, a rare trait, weak, but clearly from the gods shows up. Inbreeding can preserve or restore the demi-mortal traits but also conserve hereditary problems.

The following shows the expected degeneration of the immortal inheritance, assuming each successive generation procreates with true mortals.

  • 1st Generation

Fully Demi-Mortal, 100% power

  • 2nd Generation

50% power

  • 3rd Generation

25% power

  • 4th Generation

12% power

  • 5th Generation

6% power

  • 6th Generation

3% power

  • 7th Generation

1% power

  • 8th Generation

non-existent or fully latent

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