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The Disdrirn Elves are thought to have occupied the forests of middle Pytharnia since the end of the Great Age of Ice. They are defensive and even secretive with regard to western humans in general due to the historical mistreatment of their kind at the hands of the Yophentheans and the steady encroachment of humans into the woodlands of Pytharnia. The elves live about four and a half centuries unless disease or death in battle takes them sooner.

The elves have made treaties with the Empire of Magdala that recognizes their homelands and the present boundary between the elven woods and the empire, forbidding new human settlement in their lands. The Valley of the Elves stretches from east to west and rests between the Woodmist Mountains and the Numinous Plateau. The city of Lutramancha, Lake Shemel, and the Lutramani River are part of the valley. Elves are rarely seen among the towns and farms of humans when they are seen at all. They are wise enough to know that individual humans can prove differently from their whole kind. Humans require special permission and usually an elven escort to pass through the elven woods.

They gather into family groups roughly corresponding with 'houses.' They have much respect as a race for their elders and their ancient history. Elves live in stone houses, houses set into trees, and rarely make free-standing houses out of wood which they reserve solely for holy edifices. Lutramancha is the largest place for the Disdrirn Elves and they meet in this place for guidance and direction from their leaders and sacred observances that apply to their race as a people. They govern themselves with an assembly with senior representatives from all of the elven families. Their priests are hereditary and honor the ancestral elven gods and the natural forces of the universe.

Elves of the Disdrire speak the Pasaoivi Language and also the Disdrirn Sylvan Language common to many humanlikes of the woods. Some of their kind speak human and dwarven languages.

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