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Disradún is the southern portion of the great continent of Asdauria.

Disradún is a global asdarographical region of the great continent of Asdauria. It is bordered on the north by the Sea of a Thousand Curses and the Turtle Sea to the south. Disradún includes Ukelia, Izibjaal, Fell Titania, Hœrnect and the Esdekhel River Basin, Sahimb, all of Zephasia north of Bahuna, Shadugundai, Eurithia, the Waters of Tjur, Zaphuriya, the Atchaddis Plains, and Kishira. The lands of Weshif, Shagrela'al, Shir'im Island, Amphesia Titanica, Opaz, and old Zephasia are not considered part of Disradún. Disradún touches the Sungotine Sea and the Sea of Malankhas.

Disradún comprises the southern global region of the continent of Asdauria.

The climates of Disradún are generally hot with deserts, savannahs, and tropical rain forests. Great rivers include the Esdekhel River of Hœrnect and the Jazaalihot River of Eurithia. Many regions of Disradún are trackless wilds without any internal or external government. Kishira, for example, is not claimed by any modern government.

Disradún was home to the legendary, antediluvian civilization of Hmœss which is believed to have been the cultural forerunner to ancient Hœrnect. Historically, Disradún has been an alternative caravan route to the cooler passages through northern Asdauria. Disradún is thought to have been the chosen homeland of the arch-titans whom legend reports came to the world of Asdar many, many millennia before the Flood of Aturyanda.

Disradún is home to dozens of settlements, tribes, and cultures.

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