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A great dragon gliding over the woodlands of Middle Pytharnia

Dragons are terrifying manifestations of the ancient intelligences of the cosmos. In the oldest legends of Asdar, the dragon is the common enemy of titans and humans, dwarves and elves. The draconomachy is the oldest heroic combat. Dragons remain a staple of all old legends and new-sprung storytellers often feature the dragon in their repertoire. In the world of Asdar, dragons exist today, but they are most accessible in the form of drakelings, domesticated dragons that are essential to traditional Dragonmount Warfare of Pytharnia and Barathorn. Wild dragons dwell outside the bounds of the civilized Pallathantic Region in the northern Jaggudorns, northern and lagustrine Barathorn, much of central Asdauria, wilderness of Orrhymby, Skaligdæ, and in the northern hemisphere of the new world. Their existence in Skaligdæ is thought certain, but not entirely uncontested.

The nobles of the Gorcorumbese Geddamin were famous for their love of hunting dragons.

Dragon Morphology

Dragons differ from wyverns in morphology. The dragon has six limbs consisting of four legs and two wings.

Dragon Worship

Dragons were held in great esteem by the Dragonfolk of Pytharnia and the Lizardfolk worship them today. Gargots of Zephasia are known to worship and venerate dragons. The Great Worm and Q'aaskicha'a, the Dragonmother, are widely worshiped among some humanlike tribes.

Types of Dragons

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