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Dragonfirth is a country resting on the northern face of the Dravernian Peninsula of Barathorn with its coasts touching the Gulf of Skalagune. The state is ruled by powerful dragonrider families and convene to govern the affairs of the dominion from the capital Gneikladas. It borders Gnoost, Gonsk, Urgundia, Dravernia, Ackmungo, and Gilfandir Forest. During the late twenty sixth century through the early twenty seventh century, the country became a regional power called by historians the Gneikladasic Empire, ruling over Gonsk and the Dravernian Peninsula, until its defeat in war in 2617. Dragonfirth today is the center of Barathornian dragonmount warfare which is still practiced as a cultural heritage.

Dragonfirth rests in the Dravernian Peninsula.
Dragonfirth like the rest of Western Barathorn is riddled with inlets and steep bays.

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