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The domestication and subdual of dragon and the extensive training of its warrior and mount are the origin of dragonmount warfare. Humans have subdued and domesticated dragons for many millennia. Dragonmount warfare became an important component of modern warfare in the twenty-sixth century in Pytharnia and in Barathorn. Today, titancraft vessels and warfare have superseded but not completely eliminated dragonmount warfare. There is a well established tradition with philological evidence that the ancient Neptultchi introduced dragonmount warfare into Pytharnia before the advent of the Gwenyan Peoples. The exact century cannot be determined due to historical issues with dating the chronology of Neptultchi civilization over four millennia ago.

Dragonmount warfare requires the full dedication of mount and rider. The rider and mount must be habituated to each other at a young age, the rider within the first ten years of his life and the dragon within the first year. It is best that the dragon hatchling be imprinted upon the human as their relationship is meant to extend for the full life of the human. The training is rigorous and after initial progress becomes daily for seven years. Historically, the dragon warrior's sons would also train with the same dragon so that one of them could inherit the father's relationship to the dragon and role as a warrior. Dragonmount warriors constitute one of the traditional Castes of Pytharnia.

Dragonmount Cant

Dragonmount Warriors of Pytharnia learn a special cant that has ancient Neptultchi terms mixed with Moigthe. The language is very old and thought to originate from ancient Neptultchi times. The language is kept very close among the Dragonmount Riders and rarely spoken in front of outsiders. Anciently, the dragonriders would kill outsiders who spoke it. With the advent of titancraft vessels, dragonmount warfare has gone into decline and the language is not given the same respect by outsiders as it once did.


The oldest terms for Dragonmount Warfare originate from the Neptultchi Language. Terms for practices developed after that time are often in Medibgösk, such as Tirchaglawchli.

  • aptlunka: reins
  • tzankwekwe: saddle
  • puxtsu: saddle blanket
  • tlasachtso: lance-butt-holder
  • yarehyarak: spirits of previous dragonmount warriors


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