Dramegginite Gods and Religion

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Dramegginite Gods and Religion are thought to be the source of the Kalaman religion and pantheon of divinities. Drameggin Civilization is rather ancient, coming to an end at the time of the legendary Flood of Aturyanda. The Kalaman Triad of Brabda, Shakla, and Lantra is believed to originate from Drameggin. The name Drameggin was given to the civilization by the Midretassenes.

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Dramegginite Gods are very practical and have families.

Vahmu: God of Creation, patron god of city of Kathyasundi.
Thulya: Sun Goddess and solar gods
Atur: God of Snow and Ice (Compare Thwar)
Hesukh {Hesog, Hesug, Sug}: God of Hidden Waters, father of sea gods and earthquakes (Compare Ithatian Hesychian)
Nuyaghi: God of Night-time Dreams
Mahada (Maghadha): Mother Earth goddess, mother of father of merchant god
Onekhyá: God of War, older brother to Nazirak
Nazirak: Lazy godling son who lives with earth mother goddess, father of merchant god, also father of illegitimate son who is god of thieves
Merchant God Father
x : God of Sailing and sea ships
x : God of Thieves, illegitimate son of Nazirak
x : daughter, goddess of fishermen
Kaina: goddess of Starmoon
Amirya: Sun God
Sumya: Sunmoon Goddess, compare Eriu
Pasviya: Starmoon Goddess, compare Parkia
Gruha: mystic seer, wizard; has many functions later assumed by Threy or Orkybanth
Mekhmetine: goddess of ways and means; she who opens the way that cannot be opened
Lakhlula: Goddess of Healing; she who nurses the sick to full health, many aspects of role assumed later by Midretta
Penjahlos: Corresponds to the later Chaos God, Lygdamion; patron god of city of Balimarutha.

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