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A human culture of principally the Pallathantic Tribes, the Dramutes shared Narshadite and possibly Thetzisari among their forebears. The Dramutes emerged as a culture in southern and southwestern Erechóreb in the third Millennium before Salkmakhamer and were eventually absorbed by the Goldenling Tribes who gradually migrated over the island of Erechóreb in the third and fourth centuries. Vestiges of Dramute culture survive in some words and customs of the southwest portion of the island.

Dramutes contributed some technology to the Yophenthean rulers of Erechóreb, including knowledge of shipbuilding and how to deal with the native Shachábdin of the island. Their Thammazic language is thought to have influenced the predecessor tongue to the Classical Yophenthean language.

Map displaying Dramutes in western coastal Erechóreb.

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