Durrhaunvian Triad

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The trinity of goddesses, Dáwan, Devahlia, and Dasironessa is called the Durrhaunvian Triad in honor of the Durrhaunve Valley where the goddesses have been widely worshiped up to modern times. In southern Pytharnia, they are the daughters of Luvas (Threy) and Dáunau. In later myths, they are thought to be the guardians of the Cosmic Tree.


Oldest of the three and ruler of Siul. Her namesake is also the root of davanissa. She is a queen and heiress to the goddess Dáunau. As heiress to her mother, she is sometimes associated with divination.


She is known for using subtlety to achieve her ends by applying successful moderation. Many legends ascribe the powers of necromancy to her. Devahlia is depicted in art with long, dark curls and a blue cloak. She wear silver bracelets and is sometimes depicted with a silver tiara.


She is typically worshiped in southern Pytharnia. Dasironessa is the youngest of the three and characterized by naïve mischief. She is often portrayed as the most beautiful of the three in legend.

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