Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia

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The powerful dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia controls and directs all the day to day operations of dragonrail service throughout southern Pytharnia. The various human nations of Pytharnia have granted exclusive charters to the Guild. The Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia exercises sole power to produce and purchase dragonrail vehicles, contract labor to build the rails under strict supervision of dwarven engineers, and the right to decide which lines to build in the future. Despite these powers, the Guild works in cooperation with national authorities. Working class humans resent the guild as most of its laborers are dwarves and only low-end jobs like laying tracks are given to humans.

The Guild was formally chartered in 2621 by Emperor Medibglame II and given many powers and privileges. This recognition was mirrored in Thrain, Asbardy, Gonfaloy, and other human states of southern Pytharnia under the considerable influence of the dwarven banking system. The guild was recognized in the Ithrads and in the dwarven states of the southwestern Jaggudorns, but not given any special powers and these dwarven states continued their direct regulation of dragonrail internally.

The guild is headquartered in Trevirs and operates under the aegis of the Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia.


Secrets of Dwarven Dragonrail in Pytharnia, 2728

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