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Map of Ebinóë on the Ambrinquan Peninsula

The Ithatian name for the lands in northern Ambrinqua, from the sea to the Ephysgæe Mountains, Ebinóë is presently subject to the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes. The principle inhabitants of Ebinóë are the Ebinóëse humans who are descended from ancient Ithatian tribes that settled the land over two thousand years ago. The primary language is Ebinóë, although Gorcorumbese is required for all government activities. The Ambrinquan, a Yophenthean tongue, was spoken after the Fall of the Yophenthean Empire, but has since gone extinct.

Ebinóë is a beautiful land with lush greenery in the winter and spring and drought-resistant vegetation greening in the summer. Cypress trees, olive trees, and rich vineyards are typical of the open landscape. Ebinóë is famous for several choice wines. Ebinóë enjoys a strategic location on the Strait of Embol that joins the Memnosian Sea with the Pallathantic Sea.

The chief city of Ebinóë is Aglidice. Other chief cities include Delesphao, Corcaelia, Ixiot, Mercetyl, Imbrot, Techys, and Aknálë.

Gorcorumbese Rulership

While Aglidice is the cultural and administrative capital of Ebinóë, the port of Ixiot is the chief naval base of the Gorcorumbese Empire in the Pallathantic Sea. The Geddamin have divided Ebinóë into seven eparchies that touch the eastern, northern, and eastern coastline of Ambrinqua.

Political Situation

The treacherous Geddamin of Gorcorumb conquered Ebinóë sometime after it was liberated from the rule of Chaos. There is a strong international movement for the liberation of Ebinóë. Despite the waning fortunes of Gorcorumb for the past one hundred years, most governments do not want to upset the balance of power in the Pallathantic Region. Fear of what new advancements the Gorcorumbese may have made in titancraft also dampens enthusiasm for any coalition to liberate Ebinóë.

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