Eighth Isbajath

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The Eighth Isbajath, 2290 to 2296, was the concerted campaign of the Incarnandist and Arathracian holy warriors to liberate Erechóreb from the power of the chaos ruler, Titney the Magnificent Pest. The campaign was hard fought against the servants of Titney. Conflicts in leadership between the Arathracians and the Incarnandists prevented a faster resolution to the war. Arathracians wished to confront and slay Titney directly themselves and the Incarnandists insisted that only they, the Incarnandists, had sufficient power as energist warriors to slay Titney.

The Shenimite warriors landed near Rhafyx and marched to Naffadast which they took by force. Then proceeded towards Yophénthë. Meanwhile, the Arathracian forces, including the Knights-Templar of Arathrax, landed on southern Erechóreb. They occupied Samachta. They fought in the Battle of Baidhihim against the defenders and then laid siege to the city.

In the Battle of Yophénthë (2296), The Knights-Templar of Arathrax broke through the defenses on the eastern wall of the city while the Shenimite warriors and their followers broke through the northern wall of the city. The forces met up outside of the Temple of Arathrax the Progenitor where Titney the Magnificent Pest held court. Accounts vary ascribing credit for the slaying Titney to either Saragean the Stout or Jedhur Dragonwilled or both. Fólmagal the Well-Blooded was also slain

The Eighth Isbajath is called the 'Crown.'

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