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The glowing spirits of the Elamahti are known by the memory of the early Gwenyan Tribes and the High Shadevan Tribes to have inhabited the Jaggudorns. The Elamahti were reported as immortal beings who could shift from their own spiritual world into the world of mortals in a thought. They were treated as gods by the High Shadevan Tribes and as outcast gods by the Isxinthion-worshiping Gwenyan Tribes.

In legend, the Elamahti were friendly to their own kind and to mortals, for they bear no fear of death. They did not seek the reverence of humans nor did they easily answer a mortal's pleas. They were mysterious to the ancients and pose many unanswered questions to modern chronologers of the mythical world of Kuol Tuvahr from which all intelligent life originates according to the most ancient legends.

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