Elder Races

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The theory of the Elder Races says that over 100,000 years ago, perhaps even millions, existed certain 'master' or highly advanced races from which descended the modern humanlikes, including elves, dwarves, and humans. Among the most accepted by adherents are the Dragonshifters, the Arch-titans,and the Elamahti. The Isxinthion Gods thought to be descended from the Arch-Titans are by inclusion also of the Elder Races. Some theorists propose that the elves are the creations of the Elamahti.


multi-dimensional intelligent dragons (related: dragons, dracknaughts), developed from intelligent dragons


(related: Elves, Djinn), created by themselves from source energy

Isxinthion Gods

(related: Titans, humans), developed from intelligent titans (or are they created by the collective unconscious of humans?); multi-dimensional, multi-manifestational, immortal


Creatures of Intelligent Chaos

Other Possible Elder Races

  • Ysgeel

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