Erechórebese Arathracian Church

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The Erechórebese Arathracian Church is an Arathracian Church that acknowledges the supreme authority of the Erechórebese Sunfather of the Holy See of Yophénthë. The holy Sunfather is the earthly head of the church and is acknowledged to act in behalf of the god Arathrax. The Erechórebese Arathracian Sunfather differs from other historic sunfathers who were either considered supreme in their own church or autonomous. At present, there are no major sects of Arathracianism that acknowledges another sunfather from the Erechórebese Sunfather.

The Sunfather is chosen by the members of the Arathracian Holy Senate, also known as the Arathracian College of Aigdemeans.

Hierarchy of the Erechórebese Arathracian Church

Ecclesiastical Organization

Civil Organization Erechórebese Arathracian Church
Body Governor Yophenthean Remark
Whole Church Sunfather, "Erribaba"
Holy Senate, Arathracian College of Aigdemeans Senator, Aidgemean
Archpatriarchy Archpatriarch
Patriarchy Patriarch

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