Fall of the Yophenthean Empire

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The Fall of the Yophenthean Empire is commonly used to mean the Third Sack of Yophénthë, the nearly simultaneous sacks of Bryndyd and Trevirs, in the year 986 AI by a coalition of sky tribes of the Jaggudorns and Barathorn and the subsequent destruction of central authority. The Fall of Yophenthean Empire is a historically momentous occasion and figures in the historic consciousness of the West as the most concrete division between the ancient world and the Middle Ages. In fact, vestiges of the Yophenthean Empire, called the Yophenthean Successor States persisted for up to two centuries after the Third Sack of Yophénthë. The expression 'Fall of Yophénthë' is sometimes used as a near equivalent of the Fall of the Yophenthean Empire, though in fact it means the Fall of the city of Yophénthë as a consequence of its sack in 986 AI.

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