Fifth Isbajath

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The Fifth Isbajath is a war celebrated in song and poetry that led to the slaying of Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters, ruler of a great dominion, including Aurice and Throvy. The liberation of his dominion began in earnest in 2275 and came to conclusion in 2278. The bulk of warriors voyaged by boat from Deliops and landed on the peninsula before crossing to the islands of Aurice. These were largely veterans of the Durandwórese Isbajath, 2259 to 2261. Their number included Gidhoniel kab S'ephah, Asenath kath Miyanikhiya, and Amnwbis of Medibgö, some of the greatest Incarnandist tis'bajuma of the age. Gidhoniel wielded the Sword Wanewake with which he slew many minions of the Dark Prince and ultimately the Dark Prince himself. The conflict and victory are a great moment in the historic consciousness of Goscundy and Aurice.

The route of the Tisbajuma of the Fifth Isbajath


Notable Participants

Quadricentennial Celebration of the Liberation of Aurice

In 2678, the city of Aurice celebrated the four hundredth anniversary of its liberation from the tyranny of Prince Ulcanov. Fireworks and titancraft illuminations were lit from hundreds of boats around the islands on both the night before the day of celebrations and the evening of the day.


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