Flamens of the Changeable Gods

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The Flamens of the Changeable Gods were a college of chaos priests that arose in the early 19th century in Trevirs during the last years of the Obandian Dynasty. The priests were one of many chaos cults and priesthoods that had gained considerable power against humanlikes, including chaos-worshiping Jaffgorn Giants who had invaded and tried to dominate the region.

In this time of anarchy after the fall of the Obandian Dynasty, the Flaminal College gained power, subduing its rivals. The College came to rule Trevirs and the surrounding lands of Magdala in 1857 with various leaders and internal struggles until 2023 when their leadership collapsed amid various competing chaos cultists and priests.

During the time of the chthonic hierophants, the Flamens of the Changeable Gods continued to worship and practice their cults in their fortress in Trevirs, but the city and the surrounding lands were no longer under any single species of government. They became subject to the Jaffgorn Rulers of Trevirs for over a hundred years, 2116 to 2245, until they pooled their powers and overthrew the giants for a short span of time, 2245 to 2257, ruling Trevirs and the lands of Magdala again. During this time, Lord Kualotha of the Groaning Earth, arose to preeminence both in the college and in his own right. Lord Kualotha began to unite the various chaos cults until recognized as the de facto ruler of Trevirs and the lands of Magdala.

The Flaminal College continued to serve through the reign of Lord Kualotha. They were outlawed and banished by the municipal government shortly after the Twelfth Isbajath at the insistence of the Arathracian and Incarnandist forces.

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