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Flisbardy is one of six dominions in the Archduchy of Asbardy. Its northern boundary corresponds roughly with the Rhaunve River and it is part of Durrhaunve. The dominion capital and historic capital is Bantaffer. Flisbardy borders the Dominion of Asbardy, Ambrasia, Gonfaloy, and the Dominion of Breomarch. Its population density is relatively high compared to the rest of Asbardy and similar to Heart-of-Asbardy. Flisbardy is abundant in cropland and pasture and receives rains throughout the year consistent with its temperate climate. Important cities in Flisbardy include Math Mehailge and Tasgolth. The Arathracian Sanctuary of Scrion is in eastern Flisbardy. Flisbardians speak a dialect of Asbardian called Flisbardian. The Gonfalese Language (Gaihwch Dialect) is also spoken commonly in Flisbardy. Flisbardians are mostly Arathracian in their religious practices with large minorities who practice the Old Religion, practice the Ambrasian Religion, or practice Harmonism. A minority are Incarnandist.

Flisbardy is the easternmost province in the Archduchy of Asbardy.

Flisbardy relies upon the Rhaunve River for shipping and transportation. Dragonrail service connects Bantaffer and Tasgolth with other major cities, including Bryndyd, Amyrn, Saint Jerobs, and Ddwbha.


Flisbardy was liberated from Thracian dominion as a consequence of the Great Sky War. For her support of the rebellion against the New Kalikán Empire, Flisbardy was guaranteed autonomy and equal status with Asbardy in the Treaty of Tauhad (2576). The Duchy of Flisbardy remained independent until the twenty seventh century. At the Battle of Flisbardy (before 2670) during the Sewdhaine War, Asbardian forces defeated Flisbardy and her allies and the duchy was forcibly annexed becoming the Dominion of Flisbardy under the government of the Archduchy of Asbardy. The ruling house of Flisbardy was permitted to retain their titles and lands, but obliged to relinquish their sovereignty and dominion over Flisbardy.

Flisbardy rests in southern Pytharnia.

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