Fourth Geddamin War

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Map of Territories at the Commencement of the Fourth Geddamin War. Gorcorumb's campaigns against Erechóreb and Oliblish. Gorcorumb in the course of the war would occupy Zamiria
Map of Territories at conclusion of Fourth Geddamin War. Gorcorumb's losses included Erechóreb, Zarajove, Oliblish, western Ithatia, and Zamiria

2568 to 2581. Greatest extent of Geddamin Empire, see also Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact (2550, 2570 to 2576). A component front of the Great Sky War. Gorcorumb loses Zarajove, Ithatia, and Zamiria (Eastern Corundy). Of the Five Geddamin Wars, the fourth is the first where the Gorcorumbese see losses. The Fourth Geddamin War was synchronous with the Great Sky War, 2568 to 2575. The war ended in a truce in 2581, ultimately to be decided by the Fifth Geddamin War which was the last of the major conflicts between the Gorcorumbese Empire and the human nations of the Pallathantic.

The war is divided into two parts. In the first part, 2568 to 2574, the Gorcorumbese openly cooperate with the Kalikán Empire in accordance with the Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact. In 2574, the revolutionary faction of Thrace renounces the Pact. The Gorcorumbese withdraw support, but do not openly fight Thrace or its subject dominions until 2576 when Thrace is conquered and the signatories of Thrace renounce the the Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact in the Treaty of Tauhad (2576). The period of 2574 to 2581 is the second half of the war, particularly 2576 to 2581, when Gorcorumb openly attacks the former subjects of the Kalikán Empire. Gorcorumb occupies Zamiria which is eastern Corundy, but then is driven out by the forces of Aurician Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl.

Geddamin wish to take advantage of the internal discord of the New Kalikán Empire, but they end up dealing with an allied attack from Zarajove and the Jykki from the south. Oliblishi Shenimites aid Zarajove and threaten a General Isbajath against Gorcorumb if Zarajove is not liberated. The Ithatian Isles are also liberated. A coalition of the Skymark and the Xsytes liberate Erechóreb.


Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact



  • First Half of War, 2568 to 2576
  • Attempt to conquer Oliblish
  • Attempt to subdue uprising in Zarajove
  • Attempt to subdue uprising among the Jykki in Danona


Chronology of Fourth Geddamin War

  • 2567 to 2569, Fourteenth Isbajath
  • 2568, Gorcorumb begins campaigns of Fourth Geddamin War
  • 2568, fleet of Dragonbarges bombard port city of Tahkhnúsh from the sea.
  • 2569, Gorcorumbese Campaign against Erechóreb begins with much success, winning it from the Kalikán Viceroy
  • 2569, Zarajoveni Uprising in west Danona
  • 2571 Battle of Xsys: native Xsytes and Skymark defeat Gorcorumbese invasion of eastern Nymentho; Dragonriders concealed in the Forest of Alithrinx
  • 2571 Battle of Mount Prasthorre, Erechóreb: Skymark attempts to defeat Gorcorumbese in Erechóreb. Gorcorumb victorious.
  • 2570, renewal of friendship with Thrace, called the Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact, Thrace yields all claims to Erechóreb, Western Ithatia and Corundy to Gorcorumb, in return Gorcorumb becomes ally of Thrace and does not war upon her dominions.
  • 2574 Ithatian Uprising in Maturn, Deliops, Zander, elsewhere in the isles.
  • 2575, Thrace capitulates to the coalition of Asbardy, Skymark, and League of Pytharnia
  • 2575, Gorcorumb withdraws all forces from territory of the former Kalikán Empire, including from Erechóreb
  • 2576, Gorcorumb revises strategy due to surrender of Thracian ally.
  • 2581, Gorcorumbese Truce of 2581

2576 to 2581, Due to surrender of Thracian Ally, Gorcorumb changes strategy:

  • Agogia (rich panox resources)
  • Thykomian Islands
  • Thybdis Plains
  • Gliri Island
  • The Giant Islands (Amelkas, Sigully, Fese)
  • Erechoreb and Erethrob
  • Sea fleet sent to conquer Aurice

Oliblish Campaign

Gorcorumb detests the fact that Oliblish remains independent out of all Danona. Before their campaign begins in earnest, Gorcorumbese wizards diligently search for ways to shield their thoughts from the Shenimite Psychics. They find ways they believe work, but are ultimately ineffective.

2568, Gorcorumbese fleet of dragonbarges assault Tahkhnúsh from the sea. Psychic warriors take command of dragonbarges. Meanwhile, Jykki warriors under Gorcorumbese command invade from the north while the Oliblishi are distrcted by the dragonbarge assault.

Oliblishi secretly foment revolution in Zarajove and in the Ummahdi-Lah Wastes of southeast Danona.

Oliblish occupied for about six years. Gorcorumbese suffer heavy casualties and never truly subdue the Shenimite Kingdom.

Erechórebese Campaign

2569, Gorcorumbese invasion and conquest of Erechóreb. Territory only held for less than a year as it was ceded to the Kalikán in 2570 due to the Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact. Yophénthë and Rhafyx invaded by sea and occupied. The success of the Erechórebese Campaign was one of the motivations for the Kalikán to make a treaty with the Gorcorumbese.

Zarajoveni Rebellion

2569, The Zarajoveni rise up against the Gorcorumbese Satrap of Zarajuva (Zarajove). They slay him and embroil forces of the Gorcorumbese in trying to put down the rebellion.

Thybdis River Campaign

army of Gorcorumbese commanders, Jykki mercenaries, human mercenaries, and Adamantine Geddamin soldiers with Titancraft artillery invade Rhovundy, intending to conquer Rhovania and Turgosia as well.

Weshif Campaign

Army of Geddamin, Human mercenaries, and titancraft artillery sent to defeat the Djinn of central eastern Weshif. Disastrous defeat for Gorcorumbese.

  • 2574, Ithatian Uprising in Maturn, Deliops, Zander, and elsewhere in the isles.

End of War

The war is ended with a truce in 2581 and not a true treaty negotiation. Defeat at the hands of the Shenimite Tisbajuma (Fourteenth Isbajath, 2567 to 2569) and the Djinn in Weshif and elsewhere forces Gorcorumb to refrain from wars of expansion.

Gorcorumbese Truce of 2581

The Truce was agreed by the commanders of the Gorcorumbese military with Oliblish, Gliri, Medibgö, and Aurice. It brought a close to the hostilities of the Fourth Geddamin War. The Gorcorumbese wished for time to deal with defeat at the hands of the Shenimite Z'alumani warriors and the Djinn and elsewhere. The truce lasted less than a year and Gorcorumb waged a new campaign focused at Aurice in the Fifth Geddamin War.

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