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Gakhyami is an old High Shadevan Language word for goblinoid and includes Umyami, Uglyami, Dagunyami, and Ruyaks. These creatures are thought to be indigenous to the Jaggudorns. The Umyami are the most diminutive and amphibious, lairing in subterranean lakes. Uglyami are a stronger breed of Gakhyami, about the height of a human and not as slight in build as Umyami. Uglyami are not amphibious and they prefer caves and heavy forests. They dwell throughout the northern Jaggudorns and their great chieftain is ruler of Ukklig. Dagunyami are great goblins, the size of orcs or larger who enjoy trekking across the high alpine valleys of the Jaggudorns. They are the dominant humanlikes of the Dagunyami Plateau and their great king rules in his bale palace in S'agondeel. The Ruyaks are winged goblinoids somewhat smaller than the Umyami. They prefer caves and can swarm, full of mischief.

The Gakhyami Language Family includes all the related languages of the Jaggudornish goblinoid races. Gakhyami are often called simply 'Yami' by local humans, though in fact they can differ considerably from each other to the extent that mutual intelligibility is not always present.

Goblinoids very often worships divinities of the Xhalb'ithutine Pantheon.

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