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Incarnandist Saint b 2247, d 2326, born Gidhonyal (commonly spelled Gidhoniel), hero of the Fifth Isbajath, slayer of Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters, fourth child and second son of S'ephah kab Shaykhul and Miyanikhiya kath Agiya, Incarnandina. He was also regarded as an Incarnandiole for his many feats in the Fifth Isbajath and his ability to wield the Sword Wanewake. He served under the direction of his older sister, Asenath kath Miyanikhiya, general commander (th'ughiya) of the campaign. His older brother was Zudhayal kab S'ephah who fought in the Fourth Isbajath. He married Nephesthiya kath Shaphiyath in 2268 and begot Khahoner kab Gidhonyal in 2269. He fought alongside Shenimite Warriors in the Isbajath of the Penitents, 2265 to 2267, and was a commander in the Fifth Isbajath, 2275 to 2278, where he earned eternal fame for the slaying of Prince Ulcanov. Gidhoniel is one of the few persons which historians deem to have been a genuine Censor of Night and Day.

Legend reports that Gidhoniel slew Prince Ulcanov by plunging the sword Wanewake through his heart, calmly saying "I release you."


2247 born, son of S'ephah kab Shaykhul and Miyanikhiya kath Agiya
2268 marries Nephesthiya kath Shaphiyath
2268, father, S'ephah kab Shaykhul, dies
2269, birth of son, Khahoner kab Gidhonyal
2265 to 2267, Gidhoniel serves as a subordinate officer in the Isbajath of the Penitents
2269, niece, She'eseleth kath Besheth, is born
2275 to 2278, Gidhoniel serves as a commander in the Fifth Isbajath, slays Prince Ulcanov.
2283, mother, Miyanikhiya, dies
2303, daughter, She'eseleth kath Besheth, is assassinated by chaos priests
2308, son, Khahoner, slain in the Eleventh Isbajath
2326, Gidhoniel dies of old age, aged 78
2337, death of Nephesthiya kath Shaphiyath


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