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=Surtsa: The Undying Sun=
=Surtsa: The Undying Sun=
:[[Edressa]], aka 'Idris': N intermediate goddess of the subterranean waters of Surtsa
:[[Jehor]]: N intermediate god of troglodytes and those who hide underground from the sun's burning
:[[Jehor]]: N intermediate god of troglodytes and those who hide underground from the sun's burning
:[[Nesweka]]: NG lesser goddess of those who travel at night to escape the sun's wrath
:[[Nesweka]]: NG lesser goddess of those who travel at night to escape the sun's wrath

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The World of Joturnia has thousands of divinities. Here are some of the more widely known and a few lesser known ones in their respective civilizations and cultures.


Aslu: LN greater god of lawmakers and governors who issue decrees
Athazdeva: N Greater God of fiendish titans, titan-fiend hybrids
Bazgund: LG intermediate god of honor and virtue in combat and contractual dealings
Beysh Urlam: N demigod of those who summon creatures from the outer planes
Chaktullat: LN lesser goddess of the midnight vigil. Compare Shihrimi.
Chavat: LN intermediate god of ritual combat
Dzokara: LN lesser goddess of petitioners and those wrongly treated under law
Edana: LN intermediate goddess of fidelity to one's liege and obedience to one's master
Fihom: N lesser god of those who compose and recite epic poems and sing lays for a patron
G’dama: LE intermediate god of judges and magistrates
Gomdruba: LN donkey-headed demigod of fines and penalties
Helel: LE demigod (devil) of revolutionaries and conspiracies
Hemlude: LG lesser god of quiet benevolence
Imdza: LN intermediate goddess of lawyers and petitioners at court
Isht: N lesser god of the silent night
Jaduh: LN intermediate god of taxes and tributes
Jahrunah: N Greater God of the waters above or in the sky; This god was known even before ancient Thavidian times and is very ancient. Compare Tamtu.
Jamiyat: N lesser goddess of the gaudy day
Kitra: LN lesser goddess of runners, messengers, and dispatch.
Likya: LE greater goddess of vengeance and torture
Luath: NG lesser goddess of the peaceful dead
Midziddiach: NE demigod of the Ruling Sorcerer-Emperors
Namdruda: N lesser goddess of those who find loop-holes and tax-dodges.
Neyha Sudiya: LG intermediate goddess of redemption
Nembuta: LN demigoddess of petty statutes and trifling ordinances, daughter of Nemi
Nemi: LN lesser goddess of lesser statutes and ordinances, handmaiden of Aslu’s wife
Sheherut: NG intermediate goddess of the festive hearth
Shihrimi: LN lesser god of the noon-day vigil. Compare Chaktullat.
Savyun: LN intermediate god of magical prowess
Tahar: NE lesser god of necromancy
Tirboshe (aka Terubit): LN intermediate goddess of the city of Terub
Vas: LN intermediate god of positive energy
Vazdya: NE lesser goddess of seduction, including both sexual and intellectual
Vundo: CN intermediate goddess of negative energy
Vorun: LE lesser god of legal examiners and interrogators
Zamacusa (Zmacutz): LE intermediate goddess of blue dragons
Zhahvnut: LE lesser goddess of ruthless justice, favored by sorcerer-emperors
Zuve: NE intermediate god of deception and fraud

Archeo-Titan Gods

Balikumeo: N Greater God of storms, also planet in Zalawti System
Sabiya: N Greater Goddess of love and war, also planet in Zalawti System
Tamtu: N Greater Goddess of the waters above, specifically the Inner Tamtu and the Outer Tamtu. Compare Jahrunah.
Vashtiyuna: N Greater Goddess of magic, also planet in Zalawti System

Dwarves (Zersha Dwarves of Daushra)

Baksune: LN intermediate dwarven god of soldiers
Beiki: LN greater goddess of piety and observance of duty
Damuna: LN greater dwarven goddess of fidelity and marriage
Dagnast: LN greater dwarven god of smiths
Gimgand: N lesser god of drink
Hamrudi: CG lesser goddess of those who seek or find gold ore in the earth
Hebruke: N lesser dwarven god of household idols
Kanduha: N lesser goddess of the smithy's hammer and tutelary goddess of the family anvil
Lifuta: NG lesser dwarven goddess of excellence in the crafts
Limbos: CN lesser dwarven god of mischief
Maldarin: LG greater dwarven god of rulers and those in authority
Mulibern: LN intermediate dwarven god of toil
Shuke: CN lesser dwarven god of those who wander or live in solitude
Tayhum: NG lesser dwarven god of escaped slaves (worship proscribed)
Zabakhtan: LG intermediate god of fidelity in deed and virtue in action.
Zahune: LN intermediate dwarven god of vows and quests

Elves (Ladrite)

Elves (Satvan)

Elves (Zotar)

Estel: CG greater elven goddess of warriors
Rhiverhorn: CE lesser elven god of liquid fire
Shune: CG greater elven god of the sky
Voltho: CN intermediate elven god of mazes and labyrinths


Balasa: NG Greater Goddess of the fertility of the earth
Chadraz: LN intermediate god of quests

Frost Lands (Throsty, Ornuth)

Askag: CN lesser god of gamblers and those who take risks
Bistord: NG intermediate god of snow rangers, Consort to Bithorn
Bithorn: CG intermediate goddess of the snow bears, Companion to Bithorn
Bolto: LG lesser god of beavers
Borun: CG greater god of thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours
Braga-Shub: CG intermediate god of the opening of ways
Disba: NE lesser goddess of death by painful means
Glarfgora: CG greater goddess of snow
Gluke: CN greater god of bridges, transformation, and the heavenly span between Joturnia and Mithgorne
Hamumiraz: CG greater god of contemplation and wisdom
Hamummut: CG lesser god of woolly mammoths and strength
Hamu-shub: CG son of Hamummut, lesser god of the opening of ways
Idsela: CN lesser goddess of gambling
Kudhorn: CG greater god of woodlands
Lûd: CG lesser god of Ravens
Lufl: CG intermediate god of the woodland hunt
Skeli: N lesser god of archers and spearmen
Spaihe: N lesser god of frost, cold, son of Bistord and Bithorn.
Strame: CG greater god of warriors
Streyuke: CE intermediate god of berserkers
Sugu: N Greater god of the north pole and its freezing weather and snow. Contrast with Surtsa, greater goddess of the south pole.
Thusel: CG lesser god of sailors

Giants and Titans

Elukvese: CG intermediate god of common giants (Throsty)
Galakshem: CG intermediate god of storm giants
Salbir: LE intermediate god of fire giants
Theyst: CE intermediate god of frost giants (pronounced Thayst)


Vesver: CG intermediate halfling god of nomadic journeys
Yuna: NG intermediate halfling goddess of family relations and family justice


Gudze: LE lesser orcish goddess of prisoners and torture
Taktora: CN lesser goddess of broyards (beastfolk)
Zhid’ah: NE greater orcish god of war.


There are thought to be over three thousand divinities propitiated in Kathmalaa. In Kathmalaan, the 'ni' suffix indicates an animate being, usually a hero or divinity.

Aknamshi: N intermediate god of beggars and spies
Atmuni: (Kathmalaan) LG god of merciful justice and those on quests and crusades.
Birsabé: N greater goddess of war
Brachi: CG lesser goddess of beggars
Brnoni: (Kathmalaan) CN lesser goddess of fire and sudden insight.
Brullakumbi: CG intermediate goddess of the forest and the hunt
Chadinumya: NE intermediate goddess of the dusk
Chankuth: LN intermediate god of contracts and written oath
Charalangda: NG lesser goddess of sailors and sea merchants
Gutrni: LN demi-god of alchemists
G’tuma: LN intermediate monkey-god of mercenaries and those under oath.
Guhvamni: LN intermediate goddess of enlightening meditation
Hirukshi: LN intermediate god of soldiers
Hurvh: CG demigod of those who wander
Hushi: CG intermediate god of farmers
Huzri: LE lesser god of the ill-fated dawn
Inlume: CG lesser god of wine
Kavhusti: NG greater goddess of concord among the castes, orders, and tribes
Kejni: CN lesser god of thieves and ne'er-do-wells
Khulbsatwa: LN lesser god of the evening meditation
Krtsa: N lesser goddess of those who give and tell fortunes and make lesser prophecies
Lashtihuvi: LN lesser goddess of the morning meditation
Jalb: LN intermediate god of masters and proprietors
Jabnutni: CE lesser god of wicked mischief
Lemshel: N greater god of the great river Lemsoul
Lumluke: LN greater god of meditation (mandorla)
Luxelei: LG intermediate goddess of domestic order
Manchavhugsi: LN greater god of time and great eons of time
Matrudishaya: N greater god of the northern sea
Mesmi: LN demi-god of secrets kept by oath
Mongsvadi: NE lesser god of necromancers
Nephni: NG demigod of lost causes
Nuni: NG lesser goddess of hospitality
Obsuke: NE greater god of treasure obtained from the earth
Pakhum: NG lesser god of bakers
Phahinumya: NG intermediate god of the dawn
Phanuk: LN lesser god of those who toil above the earth.
Pharim: N lesser god of roads and those who travel by roads
Phisphë: N intermediate goddess of birds, those who fly, and swift means of transport with the aid of air
Prakothuth: N greater god of the unknown, sometimes associated with magic; also a planet in the Zalawti System.
Prundu: LN greater god of smiths and the smithy
Rumiyani: CG lesser goddess of poets and bards
Saruda: N intermediate god of animal keepers
Seratni: CG intermediate goddess of celebration and festivity
Shabutni: LN lesser goddess of household ancestral idols
Shandi: NG intermediate goddess of passionate love
Shankni: NG greater goddess of the sun
Shatra: CN lesser goddess of fireworks and illuminations
Shatsya: (Kathmalaan) N greater goddess of water—especially from Mithgorne
Shikri: LG lesser goddess of purification and maidens
Srakni: N lesser god of doors and doorkeepers.
Srup: LG lesser goddess of the propitious dusk
Svandi: N lesser god of those with a vendetta
Taktankti: LN lesser god of those who build and maintain automata
Traluki: LG lesser god of the city of Tralukartha
Ushava: N greater goddess of the stars and the heavens
Vad'a: LN intermediate god of elephant riders
Vaktumi: N intermediate god of elephants
Vathra: LG greater goddess of the hearth
Xingka: LE lesser goddess of the city of Xingkavir
Yanchuni: N goddess of messengers and those on errands
Zalankti: N lesser goddess of river mouths, one of a trinity of goddesses representing, the spring, river and river mouth.
Zavasti: N lesser goddess of the starless night
Zira: N lesser goddess of rivers, one of a trinity of goddesses representing, the spring, river and river mouth.
Zûth: N lesser goddess of springs, one of a trinity of goddesses representing, the spring, river and river mouth.
Zûth, Zira, and Zalankti! a minor profanity, swearing by the trinity of riparine goddesses.


Nasa Tu: CN Lesser God of those who wander the forests


Ehlo: LG greater goddess of burial and the hearth
Habdestra: NG intermediate goddess of the mounted hunt
Hunept: NG intermediate god of the plow and farmers
Ipsak: NG intermediate goddess of maidens and vitality
Ipsan: NG intermediate god of youths and those who begin adventures
Jamdhaia: N greater goddess of hunting, especially on the grasslands
Leya: NG lesser goddess who watches over mares and cows giving birth
Matrudishaya: (Kathmalaän) N greater god of the northern sea
Mandrag: N greater god of the infinite dome of heaven, namesake of Mandragoria, God of thunder and the thundering herds
Mepheldor: NE greater god of magic
Shawdra: N Intermediate Goddess of those who seek vendetta
Shimnesira: LG goddess of paladins and those on quests
Tando: CG intermediate god of those who herd animals
Thassala: N lesser centaur goddess of philosophers, lecturers, and those at courts of law.
Timnor: LN greater god of merchants
Uthor: CN intermediate god of horsemen

Ogres and Orcs

Gronch Onogo: LN Demi-god of orcish warriors


Bouziris: CN greater god of re-creation
Grshpa: CE intermediate unholy god of Great Uncleanness
Komlorps: CN lesser god of octopi
Orbre: CN intermediate god of torpor and excess.
Pazultz: CE greater god of corruption and insanity.
Sest: CE intermediate goddess of war and strife
Xluchala: CN greater goddess of sentient mud and slime
Xo: N Demi-god, Rogue of the Starless Night

Surtsa: The Undying Sun

Edressa, aka 'Idris': N intermediate goddess of the subterranean waters of Surtsa
Jehor: N intermediate god of troglodytes and those who hide underground from the sun's burning
Nesweka: NG lesser goddess of those who travel at night to escape the sun's wrath
Surtsa: N Greater goddess of the South Pole and its intense heat. Contrast with Sugu, god of the north pole.
Surtsaguse: LN greater goddess of those who endure the sun's light
Surtsagussa: LN intermediate goddess of those who die from the sun's power

Fiendish Entities

Agmatzûl: Demon Lord of crocodiles, caimans, and alligators
Babnoosboti: Demon Lord of dismemberment and death, see also Babnoosbotiac and Chulaän
Glaw: Demon Lord of Despair and Gloom
Gloki: Demon Lord of the Minions-of-Gloki
Shalb (Xhalb'): son of Xhalb’ithût, patron god of the Deepearth and the Sibbarine Elves
Xhalb’ithût: Archdemoness of Ithrabbi (fishfolk) and the Sibbarines, mother of Xhalb
Zeliva: six-limbed, archdemoness of the sea
Astarte: Chief Consort to Baalrabsheol
Baalrabsheol: Overlord of Hell
Baalzebub: Archduke of 7th plane of Hell, lord of the flies
Helel: Lord of the fallen angels
Olibzeel: cruel lord of the drackgrim
Tammuzeno: bull-headed devil of infant sacrifice


Polytheistic religion of Kathmalaa
Diabolic Cult of Terubian Sorcerers
Druidic Gods of the Snow

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