Golden Empire of Pytharnia

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The divided Golden Empire of Pytharnia in the twelfth century

The Golden Empire of Pytharnia is a historic Yophenthean Successor State which originally included all of southern Pytharnia, including Ambrulia. The Golden Empire is so called for the Arathraciot Yophenthean Dynasties that ruled it through its history from the eleventh to the middle twelfth century. The Golden Empire endured as a single entity, surviving the secession of subject peoples, including the Ithradic Dwarves, the Disdrirn Elves, and the Medibgösk, and continual assaults from the sky-warriors of Thrace, gakhyami, and the decline of central authority in Trevirs and later Bryndyd. The Golviaril Dynasty ruled the entire empire for the longest until 1127 when the Deavingeal Dynasty wrested the western empire and established their capital in Bryndyd until 1140, outlasting the Golviaril Dynasty by about thirteen years. While both dynasties acknowledged the authority of the Erechórebese Sunfathers, the Deavingeal Dynasty worked in greater cooperation with the Erechórebese Sunfather and claimed they were purifying the church and preparing for re-unification with the island. Both kingdoms eventually succumbed to external invasions and internal discord. The Golden Empire of Pytharnia preserved much order, Yophenthean Law, the use of the Classical Yophenthean Language, and protected humans from the rising onslaught of humanlikes and sky warriors. The dynasties propped themselves up as kings, acknowledged the ecclesiastical power of the Erechórebese Sunfather, and defended the Arathracian Religion.

The Kalikán slew the ruling lords of Trevirs in 986 in the Sack of Trevirs and set up the Harmiathil Dynasty, requiring annual tribute. The Kalikán fought among themselves over who would receive the tribute and thus did not claim it several years, giving the Harmiathils opportunity to gain strength. In 1003, the ruling Harmiathil Dynasty rebelled against the Kalikán in war that lasted until 1013 when the Kalikán defeated them and set up the Golviaril Dynasty. As puppets, the Golviarils struggled to gain the lost loyalty of the Arathraciot nobles throughout Pytharnia. They used politics and intrigue to play the sky chieftains against each other and the long distances from the high mountain pastures to wear them out. Eventually, the Golviarils secretly professed interest in re-unification with Erechóreb, but did not genuinely believe re-unification was possible. They established the Excubitors as the special palace guard due to the threat of plots and assassins. The Golviarils were compelled to cooperate with the Thracians to avoid being removed from their place. The barrhuigs around Trevirs were built up to protect the capital city. Arathracian Sanctuaries such as Melebor, Oiglic, Sruha Torrith, Sruha Leham, Banga Asbardha, served as refuges for faithful Arathracians and became islands of civilization with the growing disorder and rampages in the countrysides and the decay and shrinkage of the cities.

Chronology of the Golden Empire of Pytharnia

~986 AI to ~1140 AI (~154 years)

(Dynasties, Seat of Throne, Amyrn, Trevirs, etc.)

Arch-Diocesan Lordship of Pytharnia
986 Sack of Yophenthe, Bryndyd, Amyrn, and Trevirs,
  • Arch-Diocesan Lordship slain and Kalikan install Harmiathil Dynasty as puppet Yophenthean Rulers
  • 986 Medibgö declares independence (sorcerer-king of Medibgö and his family had been forced to live in captivity in Erechóreb)
  • 986 to 1007, ~21, Harmiathil Dynasty

made subject to Kalikán Tribe

  • 992 Ithradic Dwarves declare independence from Yophenthean Rule
  • 995 AI to 1,003 AI: March of Graish'rjaa through Western Jaggudorn valleys down Chaosflow River into the Shadevan Delta.
  • 1003 to 1013, war, Harmiathil rebel against Kalikán and are removed from power, general serving the Harmiathil rises up and breaks free from Kalikán overlordship in dragonmount battle, establish themselves as Golden Emperors -- Golviaril Dynasty.
  • 1004 Elves formally declare independence from Yophenthean Rule
1007 to 1094, ~87, Golviaril Dynasty, all Pytharnia, breaks free from Kalikán Overlordship; lack of cohesion and presence of feuds among Thracian Sky Tribes hinders unified response.
  • 1012 Golviarils invite centaurs from Asdauria to settle Ambrulia (later becomes Streionia) as mercenaries
  • 1056 AI, Karakuliar sky tribe from western Osfandia settle in northern Pytharnia beside Sea of Orska
  • 1093 Invasion of Jaffgorn Giants from Jaggudorns harasses Karakuliar, Golviaril Dynasty, and dwarves. Jaffgorn attacks persist through the 12th century (1100’s).
1094 to 1127, ~33, Golviaril Dynasty, east and mid Pytharnia
  • Deavingeal dynasty claims western Pytharnia. Golviaril ruler forced to maintain hold on middle and eastern Pytharnia until final collapse.

humanlike invasions, human migrations

  • succumbs to humanlikes (Skyfolk raids, intractable centaurs, lizardfolk chieftains, goblin incursions, ogre brigands, Tuadbe incursions, Jaffgorn raids, halfling independence)
1094 to 1140, ~46, Deavingeal Dynasty (west Pytharnia)
  • succumbs to Skyfolk raids, independent dragonmount lords, Tuadbe incursions, beastfolk raids, ogre brigands, gnome defiance, giant raids, lizardfolk raids, weird undead raids from the Amosgire)
  • Scion of Deavingeal Dynasty flees to Amyrn and establishes ruling priesthood.

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