Goldenling Tribes of Erechóreb

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Map of Tribes of Erechóreb 100 years after Salmakhamer.

Goldenling Tribes emerged no later than 400 AS in Durrhaunve, Rhevia, and Rhafindwor. Around 250 AS, The Goldenlings, Moigthe refugees from western Pytharnia, emigrated to eastern Erechóreb. Legend attributes this exodus to defeat at the hands of other Moigthe tribes who proposed slavery or exile to the vanquished. When the goldenlings first entered Erechóreb or southern Erechóreb (legends vary), one or both of the volcanoes on the island erupted and brought destruction on one of the local villages. This was interpreted by a later generation as a sign from the gods that the day of the locals had passed and was to be given to the Yophentheans. Over the next three hundred years, the Goldenling Tribes expanded westwards, displacing the native Thetzisari, Pallathantic Tribes, Elves, and Shachábdin, a race of amphibious giants speculated to have some connection with the ithrabbi.

Around 100 AI, we see the Yophenths seated in the midst of the Goldenling Tribes, south of the Prasthórrë-Thríant Mountains. The Rhamasath Tribe along the northeast coast held the Agurna Tribe as vassals and kept the Thuvir Tribe and the Gaidh Tribe at bay. The Memuchal Tribe fought the Shachábdin Giants of the interior. The Samagiu and Erigiu Tribes considered themselves sibling Tribes and worshiped various marine divinities. The Erigiu were led by a matriarchal priesthood whose son was the military leader. The Elves in the western interior resisted the expansion of the Yophenths, often by forming alliances with the Shachábdin. The Dramutes occupied the southwestern coast and were technologically superior to the other humans occupying the island. They claimed descent from Thetzisari and Pallathantic stock. Narshadite merchant families were also well-established among them. The Dramutes had been pushed over the past three centuries to the west by the Goldenlings and used the Elves and the Shachábdin as buffer peoples to protect them.

By the end of the late second century (ca 200), the Yophenth Tribe and the Erigiu had formed an alliance. In the Third Century (ca 200's), the advent of the early Arathracian Religion set the combined Yophenth and Erigiu Tribes on a mission to unite the island by treaty and conquest. During this time the nascent Arathracian Monarchy took root.

Goldenling Tribes of Erechóreb

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