Golviaril Dynasty

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Division of Pytharnia between Golviaril and Deavingeal Dynasties after 1094

The Golviaril Dynasty, 1007 to 1127, ruled all of southern Pytharnia, known as the Golden Empire of Pytharnia, after the Fall of Yophénthë, from 1007 to 1094, and eastern and mid-Pytharnia, from 1094 to 1127. They lost western Pytharnia to a competing house, Deavingeal Dynasty. The Golviaril priest-kings ruled from several different castles and palaces, especially Trevirs, Ddwbha, Bryndyd, and Amyrn.

Rulers of the Golviaril Dynasty

  • Ambry Reagal the Righteous: reigned 1007 to 1019, First Ruler of Golviaril Dynasty overthrows rule of Harmiathil Dynasty (ruled 986 to 1007, about 21 years) in battle over years of 1006 to 1007. He was called righteous for defeating the Harmiathils who were widely regarded as Kalikán Puppets. In 1012, he invited centaurs from Asdauria to settle in southeast Pytharnia as mercenaries to protect the eastern front.
  • Ambry Bomagal Golden-Child: reigned 1019 to 1036, second ruler of Golviaril Dynasty, successor to Ambry Reagal the Righteous.
  • Succeeding Rulers of Golviaril Dynasty
  • Theántuvar of the Lions, reigned 1115 to 1127: last ruler of Golviaril Dynasty, kept lions for protection, slain in battle by traitors during battle with lizardfolk.


1007 to 1094, ~87, Golviaril Dynasty, all Pytharnia, breaks free from Kalikán Overlordship; lack of cohesion and presence of feuds among Thracian Sky Tribes hinders unified response.
  • 1012 Golviarils invite centaurs from Asdauria to settle Ambrulia (later becomes Streionia) as mercenaries
  • 1056 AI, Karakuliar sky tribe from western Osfandia settle in northern Pytharnia beside Sea of Orska
  • 1093 Invasion of Jaffgorn Giants from Jaggudorns harasses Karakuliar, Golviaril Dynasty, and dwarves. Jaffgorn attacks persist through the 12th century (1100’s).
1094 to 1127, ~33, Golviaril Dynasty, east and mid Pytharnia
  • Deavingeal dynasty claims western Pytharnia. Golviaril ruler forced to maintain hold on middle and eastern Pytharnia until final collapse and the Ambrasian Reformation.
  • humanlike invasions, human migrations
  • succumbs to humanlikes (Skyfolk raids, intractable centaurs, lizardfolk chieftains, goblin incursions, ogre brigands, Tuadbe incursions, Jaffgorn raids, halfling independence)

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