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The historic land of Gonfaloy

Gonfaloy is the stretch of land reaching from southwest Pytharnian southwards into the Pallathantic Sea. The land of Gonfaloy was settled by colonists from Medibgö in the late thirteenth century. Before this time, the Yophenthean name 'Landolin' was used. The inhabitants of Gonfaloy speak the Gonfalese Language which is derived from the Medibgóëse Language. The Settlement of Gonfaloy occurred around the same time as the short-lived Omandraline Empire of Sky.

It is bounded on the west by the Gonfalese Sound, the south by the Pallathantic Sea, to the northeast by the mountains at the end of the Mathgefrew Mountains, and the Tama River to the east. The Stresire River passes through the northwest portion of the land.

Despite these extents, the Gonfalese Language is spoken not only in the two Gonfaloys but farther inland, all the way up to and including in the Amosgire Hills.

Gonfaloy was a single state, ruled by a governor appointed by the Emperor of Medibgö. The land was partitioned as a consequence of the Sewdhaine War into two states, the smaller Principality of Gonfaloy being created from territory of the original Medibgóëse Gonfaloy.

The Flag of the Principality of Gonfaloy

The two chief cities of Gonfaloy are Ddwbha, the capital of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy and Saint Jerobs, the capital of the Principality of Gonfaloy.

Gonfaloy has a temperate Pallathantic climate.


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