Grascurg Excavation of the Upper Terrace of the City of Bryndyd

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Over the years of 2717 to 2724, Archeologer Echeadh dhal Tuicha Grascurg excavated the east-facing upper terrace of the high city of Bryndyd. This area changed according to the needs of the rulers. Grascurg excavated the area, searching primarily for evidence from the Archmagian Period. After the establishment of the rule of Archmage Bexaloth, any defenses of the terrace were probably removed. After the Seventh Isbajath, subsequent rulers added additional defenses to the terrace. During the Archducal period, the defenses were removed to make space for gardens and some of the relics were consequently destroyed. However, the archeologers under Grascurg found deeper layers of artifacts from periods before the Archmage up to the time of the Archmage. The finds give information about the occupants of the high citadel of the City of Bryndyd and the Dragon Knights before they were suppressed by the Archmage.

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