Great Curial Hall

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A 3D model of the upper arches of the interior of the Great Curial Hall

The Great Curial Hall of the Senatorial Palace of Aurice is an immense, circular interior space with three conjoined great apses. In the center of the Great Curial Hall rests the Mensary on which stand the high-backed thrones of the Noble Senate of Aurice. The great chamber of the interior reaches very high. In the three spaces between the three apses are found a total of fifteen high, pointed arches, each which corresponds with one of the fifteen months of the common year. The Mensary is a round platform which connects to a round, exterior gallery by means of a bridge. The round gallery, in turn, provides access to the three connected apses, each of which corresponds to traditional Senatorial ranks: the highest for dukes, hierophants, and counts, then for barons, and finally metropolitans. Hierophants, dukes, and counts share one apse as they were originally considered superior in rank and voting to the other ranks of barons and metropolitans.

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