Great Disdrire Forest

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The Great Disdrire Forest comprises the forested lands of middle and northern Pytharnia, including the notorious Skelkast Forest. Natural philosophers believe that the forest once continued through southern Pytharnia, especially southwestern Pytharnia before the advent of permanent humanlike settlement over fifteen thousand years ago before the end of the last Age of Ice. The adjectival and ethnonym is 'Disdrirn.' It has been observed on more than one occasion as one of the great ironies of the modern age that the capital city of Trevirs with the highest population of humans (nearly one million) in the West is less than two hundred fifty ddwmir (about 160 kilometers or 100 miles) from woodlands possibly never penetrated by humans.

Map of the Great Disdrire Forest of Pytharnia

Deciduous trees dominate the southern reaches of the Disdrire, colossal pine trees dominate the temperate rainforest of the coast, and conifers fill the northernmost reaches of the forest. These sylvan reaches are little penetrated by humans as the elves since antiquity have forbidden any permanent human occupation of the Lutramani Valley and strongly object to humans elsewhere in the woods. The secretive Disdrirn Elves themselves are one of many mysteries of the woodlands. Beastfolk and Tuadbe roam the western woods and remnants of the Kemerite Giants (compare Pytharnian Geddamin) dwell in the northern woods.

The Disdrire is largely virgin woodland and in many parts little sunlight reaches the floor. The canopy is often 30 to 50 meters high. Creatures of the Disdrire are suited to the environment.

Humanlikes of the Disdire

The great expanse of the Disdrire Forest

Fauna of the Disdrire

Flora of the Disdrire


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