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The Great Sky War (2568 to 2575) saw the Pallathantic Region change from subject princedoms and republics to numerous independent and semi-independent states. The conflict is called 'The Great Sky War' as most of its conflicts were skyborne, aerial power being the foundation of the New Kalikán Empire which is sometimes called the Thracian Empire.

The rulers of Skerrod who had formerly sworn fealty to the Emperor of the Kalikán changed their allegiance in 2566 to the Skymark and stopped sending tribute to the Thracian Emperor. The Empire's forces occupied Skerrod and the Skymark declared war on the Kalikán Empire. Thus this conflict was the ostensible cause of the Great Sky War. In the beginning, the Viceroyal Duchy of Asbardy and the Viceroyal Duchy of Aurice both remained loyal to the Kalikán Empire. By the end of the war, the Duchy of Asbardy gained independence with the rise of a native ruler, Agairth Srunamba. The Viceroyal Duke of Magdala was also expelled finally with the independence of Magdala and the establishment of a Medibgóëse-derived dynasty. Native aristocracies in Asbardy and Magdala provided the leadership for independence and the defeat of the Thracian Empire. Aurice played an ambiguous role, once supporting the Empire and subsequently declaring independence for its own benefit.

The New Kalikán Empire came to an end and dismantlement with the Great Sky War, 2568 to 2575. A succession of defeats for the Thracians and their Jaggudornish Allies, (Battle of Pytharnia[1], Second Battle of Jardonia 2574, Battle of Borenlas 2575, and the Battle of Thrace 2575) brought about the capitulation of the empire and the settlement of the Treaty of Tauhad (2576), which saw the coronation of the first ruler of the Empire of Magdala. In 2572, the League of Pytharnia spearheaded the final stages of the Great Sky War.

The Great Sky War saw the end of the imperial sky powers ascending from the ashes of the Middle Ages of Chaos, namely the Medibgóëse, the Kalikán (Vankkagomir, Khabur), and, by way of foreshadowing, the Gorcorumbese Geddamin. Historians see it as a division between early and later modern times.

In Thrace, internal discontent pitted Loyalists to the Kalikán Rulers against Reformers who struggled to establish a Commonwealth. Among the Reformers were factions who supported the Empire and factions who opposed it. On the frontier of the Empire, the Thracian Skyforce fought the Skymark Federation and rebellious subjects, including the Duke of Asbardy. These three groups can be broadly categorized into imperialists, constitutionalists, and defectors.

Technology used included skycraft, dragonmount warfare[2], early Gorcorumbese titanships, and dwarvenfire. The aerobarge (vaporcraft) which was essential in enabling the Thracian Empire earlier in the century continued to play an important role in the Great Sky War.


Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact

  • Empire of the Kalikán
  • Empire of Gorcorumb

Fractious Princes and their Allies

  • Skymark Federation (after 2573, Skymark Commonwealth)
  • Duchy of Asbardy (after liberation), Agairth Srunamba
  • League of Pytharnia (predecessor to Empire of Magdala)
  • Aurice
  • Osfandia
Major Battles of the Great Sky War

Monarchy of Thrace

Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact

Ostensible Causes of the Great Sky War

Loyalties at Onset of Belligerence

Original Policies

Turning Point of the War

Alliance and Occupation of Thrace

Related Conflicts

Chronology of the Great Sky War

  • 2557, Baimund Kaligär slays Thortain Balamon in a duel and becomes viceregal duke of Aurice. Thrace does not openly embrace him and he later becomes an outlawed duke.
  • 2565, Baimund Kaligär defeats viceregal duke of Erserce in personal combat and expands his dominion into southern Erserce. Thrace privately determines to eliminate him.

Rulers of Skerrod switch allegiance from Kalikán to Skymark; The Kalikán believe the change is unlawful and occupy Skerrod; Skymark declares war against the Kalikán.


Thracian Victory against Skymark

Thracian Victory against uhlaks, under viceregal duke of Aurice, Baimund Kaligär.


Thracian Victory, but they do not follow up because their leaders know of the renewal of their pact with the Gorcorumbese

Thrace yields rule of Erechóreb and Ithatia (except Gliri) to the Gorcorumbese Empire. This move offends many throughout the empire as a kind of betrayal of humans.


Skymark and Xsys defeat the Gorcorumbese invasion of eastern Nymentho; Dragonriders play an important part; concealed in the Forest of Alithrinx

Skymark attempts to defeat Gorcorumbese in Erechóreb. Gorcorumb victorious. Battle considered part of both the Great Sky War and the Fourth Geddamin War.


Agairth Srunamba is the general commander of the allied forces, including the League of Pytharnia under the leadership of Griovain Llyffclaw. Skymark Allies fight on the side of the alliance, battle takes place over Trevirs, pushes back Thracian Skyforce

  • 2573 Heartened by the Battle of Pytharnia, Agairth Srunamba leads nobles in rebellion and overthrows the Thracian Viceregal Duke of Asbardy. They declare independence and ally with Skymark, Agairth Srunamba rallies rebellious factions of Empire and becomes the native ducal ruler of Asbardy, that is, not appointed by Thrace.

Rather than waste forces again over Trevirs, the Thracians decide to punish Agairth Srunamba and his Skymark allies. They wish to regain his powerful dragon knight warriors and then to use Bryndyd as a platform to launch a punitive expedition against the Skymark. They believe that if they defeat the Skymark, the League of Pytharnia will crumble. Allies crush combined force of Thrace and Gorcorumb, secure sovereignty of new Duke of Asbardy


The allies press their advantage and begin their campaign against Thrace proper.

Fought only a few days after the Battle of Borenlas, this victory ensures the skyforces of the allies will have a free corridor with which to enter Thrace. The sky tribes of the Shadmaus and Jamenth declare independence from the King of Thrace.

Militarily outnumbered, the native Thracians fight to defend their land. Meanwhile, the commoners and farmers march in a revolution against the imperial capital of Dzan Kahisa. Agents of Stalcast Bijäl secretly remove royal family to protect them from harm. Masdalikkan Khucha slain.

  • 2576 to 2586 Skaligdæse War between Aurice and Asbardy over colonial empire

Not part of the Great Sky War, but a consequence of Thrace's defeat. The Grand Duchy of Aurice and her allies defeat the Gorcorumbese Empire.




Primary Source Primary Sources

  • TYPES of Primary Sources: TEXTS: Ruler's Edicts, tracts, reports, Letters, Posters, military handbook, tax documents; ARTIFACTS: dwarvenfire munitions, shells, skycraft frames, dragonrider gear

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