Great Skynesses of Medibgö

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Map showing relative sizes of Eight Great Skynesses of Medibgö

One of eight large skyness systems that follow a regular orbit around a common center and comprise the core settlements of Medibgö, the great skynesses of Medibgö are the dwelling-places of the Medibgóëse People since their colonization in the second century before Salmakhamer under the leadership of the eponymous hero, Meidb, demi-mortal son of the god Rhio. Each system consists of one or more great skynesses the name of which is given to the particular orbit. There are numerous smaller skynesses that follow behind the movement of the main great skyness. These smaller skynesses are called companion skynesses. In the Medibgóëse Language, 'Sväsge' means skyness. The ancient Kalamans called Medibgö 'Aksiluva' and it is believed to have been created by the titans before the Flood of Aturyanda.

The orbits are centered around a common axis which the Medibgóëse call Meidb's Rod. All the skynesses, when viewed looking towards the center of Asdarah, orbit in a counter-clockwise (levorotatory) encirclement. The great skynesses and many of the satellite skynesses are boreatropic, that is, one side of the skyness always faces to true north, regardless of its position in the circular orbit. This differs from magdaeo-synchronous position of the skynesses of the Saikusahi.

Orbits of the Eight Great Skynesses in situ over Pytharnia

The skynesses are a remarkable feature of the skies of the Pytharnian Highlands and a continual reminder of the presence and power of the wizards of Medibgö. Elsewhere in the world of Asdar, skynesses are found in static (or "magdaeo-synchronous") position over Lake Tatsurochio. Explorers bring back reports of skynesses in the new world and in Za-Bahuna, but these are generally considered unconfirmed.

Greater Skynesses of Medibgö
Great Skyness Name Orbit Order Orbital Period Radius of Orbit Circumference of Orbit Greatest Dimension Companions / Leaders / Followers Present Ruling House or Houses Remarks
Mäddglows 1 x 9.7176 mi 61.057481541048 mi ca 5.96 ddwmir 0 / ? / ? House Asgabin Tutha Capital of Medibgö
Mügankva 2 x 14.576 mi 91.58370903745 mi ca 8.875 ddwmir 2 / ? / ? House Brawffergallük-Gnas, House Skerbasto x
Mämnir 3 x 21.8634 mi 137.37179364499 mi ca 7.0 ddwmir 0 / ? / ? House Asgabin Tutha Tüdd
Mokiwliü 4 x 32.7942 mi 206.05203560071 mi ca 7.5 ddwmir 0 / ? / ? House Thvaínkia x
Mihíüir 5 x 49.1896 mi 309.06737198604 mi ca 11.63 ddwmir 1 / ? / ? House Rhönkasvi Past Rulers: House Örria
Masmowch 6 x 73.7822 mi 463.58723497139 mi ca 13.7 ddwmir 2 / ? / ? House Ächwdd, House Grüsp
Magnamgiéws 7 x 110.67 mi 695.36011794556 mi ca 11.64 ddwmir 1 / ? / ? House Glachbe-Twrrhaim, House Siewbach-Kiaddo x
Mabdawcha rRhiago 8 x 166 mi 1043.0087609918 mi ca 5.04 ddwmir 0 / ? / ? House Llangüsva x

Orbital Regularity

The orbits of the eight great skynesses are remarkable. The speed of each in its orbit is uniform and its altitude consistent throughout its orbit. Additionally, the orbits are 'boreal-synchronous' as the orientation of the skyness does not change in relationship to the center, but rather remains consistently pointed to the north. Additionally, the skyness is perfectly balanced and rarely if ever changes, so that its vertical axis always points to the gravitational center of the world Asdar. These nearly perfect aspects of the orbits of the great skynesses is cited by titanists as proof that they were artificially constructed and thus of the existence of ancient titans.

Beliefs about the Regularity of the Orbits

Many beliefs are circulated to explain why the eight great skynesses of Medibgö orbit regular about a common center. The prevailing belief is that the center is the spiritual origin of the Great Tree. Geographically, the center also happens to be the ruins of the ancient Neptultchi (Tuadbe) Capital near the shore of Lake Kasgo. In the past 150 years, the titanocentric theory has been advanced which ascribes the skynesses to advanced technology of the ancient Titans. Scholars have wanted to excavate the skynesses to see whether any device of titancraft exists at its center, but the ruling wizards absolutely refuse this. What knowledge if any the ruling nobles of Medibgö have of the locomotion of the skynesses is apparently kept secret or couched in the language of folklore and legend. There are numerous far-seers who claim to have seen the insides of the skynesses and scholars who study their findings believe there is plurality of evidence to nearly a slim majority, but it is uncertain whether this is due to true seership or reports tainted by previous findings.


Medibgösk wizards use a device generally called a medibgœnium or a "Medibgösk Orrery" to calculate the location and course of the eight great skynesses. In ancient times, Medibgösk sorcerer lords would only permit medibgœniums in the skynesses of Medibgö and would punish anyone, especially non-Medibgösks who owned one elsewhere. In modern times, anyone can own a medibgœnium without fear of reprisal provided he has a small fortune to purchase or commission its construction. Pytharnian astronomers would taunt wizards claiming they could calculate the motions of the skynesses without the need of such a device. In Mäddglows, there is a great Medibgœnium set over a scale model of the Pytharnian Highlands. A wizard craftsman who constructs a medibgœnium is called a medibgœnium-maker. Today, the Royal Archguild of Medibgœnium-Makers is officially recognized by the Emperor of Medibgö.


A magical force called twriagdówrch protects the skynesses from the strong winds that inevitably occur at so great an altitude above the surface. The twriagdówrch dampens the strong winds to near standstill and is generally held to be responsible for the shimmery shell that seems to wrap a skyness on windy days. Great skill is required for skyship captains to negotiate the relatively sudden difference when flying into or out of the twriagdówrch to avoid sheer wind that can rip apart a sky craft. The standard procedure for entering the twriagdówrch of a petty skyness brings the craft at nearly the height of the twriagdówrch and then has the craft levitate down gently to the surface of the skyness. Medibgösk sorcerers have many spells to wrap a skycraft in its own protective force until the entire craft is outside of the twriagdówrch and free from danger of being torn in pieces.

Creation of the Skynesses of Medibgö

The Medibgóëse believe the titans created the skynesses. However, there is a competing belief that the skynesses are a natural formation of the earth and sky seeking energetic balance.

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