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The Gwenyan Tribes are the forebears of most modern ethnic humans of the Pallathantic Region and the descendants of the hypothetical 'Gwanya' or 'people,' a flood survivor group believed to have dwelt along the upper Thybdis River, southeast of the Vadsinkoinen Forest.

The Gwenyan Tribes or simply 'Gwenyans' are thought to be the offspring of peoples who survived the Great Flood but remained nomadic and relatively uncivilized for thousands of years after the flood.

Scholars relying on language reconstruction and archeology believe the Gwenyan Peoples divided around 6,300 AS into three groups, the so-called Ancient High Gwenyans, Ancient Low Gwenyans, and Ancient Middle Gwenyans, and subsequently around 3,600 AS, the Ancient High Gwenyans divided further into the Thwarrish and Donavish Tribes. The Ancient Low Gwenyans are the forebears of the Thybdish Tribes, including the Midringir who settled in Throvy and Corundy. The Ancient Middle Gwenyans became the Jungornish and the Svarikish of Asdauria and migrated towards the east.

The invention of the chariot is attributed to the Gwenyans in the seventh millennium before Salmakhamer.

The Donavish Tribes are so-called after the goddess Dáunau and the Thwarrish after the god Thwar, son of Amrulon and Parkia, on the putative belief that the forebears of the Jaggudorn tribes favored Thwar while the forebears of the Moigthe were devoted to Dáunau, daughter of Magdaia and Eshik.

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