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A break-away sect from Incarnandism, Hamagnosticism began in the 23rd century (2200's) in the Susurrant Desert around its founder, Jawlaan of Tandhigumi. Hamagnosticism rejects the importance of the Holy Family and the Incarnandina and believes that God can come at any time in any form Deity chooses. In this regard, they are seen as separatist or 'S'ubhalite.' However, Hamagnostics point out that they do not reject that the Incarnandus may come into physical expression by means of the Incarnandina—they simply do not insist that it is so. The work of mortals is not to wait for God, but to prepare themselves and seek out God. Rejection of titancraft technology is an important part of this preparation as well as removing oneself from urban life to seek solitude in the wilds. Jawlaan was born and raised in Tandhigumi by Incarnandist parents. He studied hermeticism and other mystical beliefs in the city of Tandhigumi and broke away from the local Incarnandist Community and established his own school. After several years, he retreated to the western Adamantine Mountains to the Canyon of the Shedu, followed by a small coterie of hand-picked disciples. The site became Kishkelumadh and is home to a small but resilient religious community to this day.

Map of the Susurrant Desert in Weshif, showing the locations of Tandhigumi and Kishkelumadh

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