Hamaudh-Weshrite Gods and Religion

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The gods and religion of Hamaudh-Wesher were propitiated and practiced after the Flood of Aturyanda until roughly the beginning of the Proto-Malesggite Civilization. The Arch-Titan Wesher, the founder of Hamaudh-Wesher, serves as the founder god and the bridge between the gods of heaven and the divinities and ancestral cults of the earth in the pantheon. Towards the beginning of the religion, gods were largely metaphysical and ancestral. Towards middle and end of Hamaudh-Wesher Civilization, religion became deeply concerned with life after death and the continued existence of the soul with a multiplicity of specialized gods and cults for the supplicant of the afterlife. In the centuries preceding the Ancient Rule of the Awzarite Kings, divinities dealing with the forces of chaos became widespread in the pantheon, either engaging in the struggle against the forces of an encroaching chaos or representing the same in the lives of worshipers. The subsequent Proto-Malesggite and Malesggite Civilizations adopted this medley of divinities, often with a much more mundane emphasis.

List of Divinities

  • Wesher: Arch-Titan, mythical founder of Hamaudh-Wesher, ancestral cult of priests and rulers of Hamaudh-Wesher
  • Awzar: Son of Wesher, successor to Wesher, first of the Awzarite Kings, ancestral cult of rulers of Hamaudh-Wesher and later early Malesgg

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