High Bank of the Jaggudorns

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The High Bank of the Jaggudorns is the largest single banking institution in the Pallathantic Region and probably the world. It provides financial services for governments, corpora mercia, noble houses of sufficient means, and large business interests. Additionally, it provides liquidity for numerous state banks and investments firms throughout the Pallathantic.

Additionally, the High Bank is authorized by the Dwarven Customs Union of the Jaggudorns to mint gold coins and ingots for the issuance of its member states. The currency unit of the Union is the Jaggudorner Stater.

The governorship of the High Bank consists of the lord prefect and eight vice-prefects. The headquarters is in Sardeichs with consular offices in nearly all capital cities of the southern Pytharnia and the Pallathantic Region.

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