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In the world of Asdar, history is the written account of the past as transmitted by the elite. Priests, scholars, and rulers are responsible for nearly all historic records.

The history of Asdar extends over thousands of years through all the regions of the globe. Scholars regard the history of the past 3,000 years as the most reliable and any written accounts from before 6,000 AS as largely mythical. The titanist school which includes most traditional Kalaman historiographers holds that the Aarokinian Titans maintained an advanced civilization in the very ancient past until about 12,000 AS when it was destroyed by a planetary cataclysm, possibly coinciding with the end of the Age of Fire and Blood.


Megachronology PDF

The megachronology PDF gives a very broad outline of history in the Greater Pallathantic Region from roughly 20,000 AS to the present day.