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The Holy Family is the name given by Incarnandists to the nuclear family comprised of the Incarnandina, her husband, and their children. The Incarnandina has expressed several times that she prefers the expression 'First Incarnandist Mission' to be used instead of Holy Family which is regarded as pretentious and irreverent.

The Holy Family is served by the Quiernite Order that diligently tracks the lineage of the Incarnandinas from Holy Mother Shaqtirah and is equally mindful of sons and daughters of the Incarnandina, awaiting the day when they shall announce the birth of the promised Incarnandus. The nuns of the Ithiraz'ite Order protect the person of the Incarnandina and the Holy Family.


Since the Eleventh Isbajath, the Holy Family has officially taken residence in Oliblish. In the late twenty fourth century, the Holy Family took residence in what has become a small palace outside of the Eremitic Refuge of the Holy Pinnacle. The residence is officially called the House of the Incarnandina. Another residence for the Holy Family exists in a wing of the king's palace in Tahkhnúsh. As the residence of the figurehead and spiritual leader of the worldwide Incarnandist religion, the House of the Incarnandina is an important pilgrimage site and Incarnandists in good standing are permitted to visit the court of the Incarnandina to receive a blessing, usually in family groups.


The eldest son of the Holy Family is sometimes called the 'Incarnandiole' which is a translation of the Khahonri Language for 'God's Uncle.' The Incarnandinas have often voiced dismay over the use of this expression as well as the use of the expression 'Holy Family' so they are rarely used in the presence of the Holy Family.

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