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House Bijäl was a Thracian Aristocratic House of the Arveskupa Clan of the Kalikán Tribe. The House was given low aristocratic status in the twenty first century by the King of Thrace for service rendered by its master, Khalos the Lucky. The House was brought again into the esteem of the ruler of Thrace in the mid twenty fourth century when ancestor Sudogvast Avenger defended the palace against the invasion of the Isbajath of the Great Sky King and was consequently elevated to the status of Buspa ("Himmelgraf"), receiving land and entitled to a following of warriors. The House then served the king's household directly. The new buspa used the red griffin as the device of his house because it was the device of the Mipnor kings. Since the warrior had helped defeat the king of the Mipnors in the isbajath, he adopted the same device as a reminder to all who saw the banner of his aid to the King of Thrace. Some scholars disagree with this as the griffin represents the third son in Thracian Heraldry.

Banner of Viceroyal House Bijäl before it was changed in 2576 to the Golden Phœnice

In the tumult and machinations of the twenty sixth century, the station of the king became a figurehead under the domination of a succession of powerful warlords, including Vankkagomir and Khabur. Bralcast Bijäl (2515 to 2590), son of Alabast Bijäl, provided intelligence to the king secretly from the warlords and at great risk to their lives. The monarchy overthrew the power of the warlord, Khabur, and his cronies, and became independent in 2539. The assistance and loyalty of House Bijäl was critical to this restoration of the monarchical power. In 2573, Kadvast Jafferund Agdaisak was slain in the Battle of Pytharnia. The rebel viceroyal duke, Baimund Kaligär was slain very shortly after the battle, perhaps assassinated. The King-Emperor, the newly crowned Ondaz Ädazund, desperate for a trustworthy viceroyal duke as governor of the powerful vice-royalty of Aurice, expressed his intention to install Bralcast as the viceroy, but after discussion, was persuaded by Bralcast to have his son, Stalcast, younger in years, created viceroy. In 2574, Stalcast was made viceroyal duke of Aurice. He subsequently changed the device of the house from the red griffin to the golden phœnice.

Stemmata of House Bijäl in the 26th and early 27th centuries

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