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The Hyphasma, sometimes called hyphasm, is a field of magical morphology that exists in a metaphysical or noetic realm, often thought to be the World Soul, the activation of which enables a specific expression of magical power. The hyphasmas are more colloquially called webs and there are thought to be thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of them. A wizard must first learn to contact the hyphasm, then make increased contact, and then minor activation, followed by greater activation of the hyphasm. The greatest webs are the ones created by the ancient titans. They are very powerful, but they are not readily contacted and activated. The Titans sewed the fabric of the spells into the World Soul. The components of the spells speak to each other in the world soul and through the world soul into the physical world.

Magical theory in the West attributes the creation of the greatest hyphasmas to the arch-titans. Whether these are the same as used by other cultures, such as the Neptultchi or the Zephasians or Sungotines remains a matter of debate. The study of Hyphasmic Magic is reserved for trained wizards who have already mastered locks and claves.

According to Kalaman legend, the archtitan, Timanthio, created the first hyphasmas.

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