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The double crescent moons representing the Imzaha Religion

Imzaha is a dualistic religion, acknowledging that the Supreme Being is expressed as a dualistic manifestation in the physical universe. The religion arose through the mission of Ammudiyn the Seer who taught revelations given to him by God. The text of the holy Bahraz, the teachings of Ammudiyn the Seer, and his early successors form the basic core of the tenets and practices of the religion. The Imzaha faith is practiced by millions of humans and humanlikes throughout the world and is one of the world of Asdar's global religions. The religion is most widely spread among humans in Weshif, the High Deserts, Ukelia, Sahimb, and coastal Danona. Half-orcs comprise the largest body of humanlikes who practice Imzaha. Adherents of Imzaha are called Imzaami and worship in a building called a khaasha. Most persons of Dagaithi heritage practice the Imzaha religion. The Imzaha religion, like the Incarnandist religion does not have any ordained ministry.

The Holy Bahraz

Ammudiyn ikb' Israbif more widely known as Ammudiyn the Seer, received revelations from seven angels sent from God. These revelations are recorded in the holy book of the religion called the Bahraz which Imzaamis regard as the most holy book in the world. Imzaamis believe that the Bahraz is actually only five books of a greater work called the Zankiphresil or seven books which rests in heaven. The first and seventh books are not revealed to humans as it is impossible for someone locked in duality to comprehend them.

Core Tenets of Imzaha

  • Only one god is the supreme being and his power is manifest through the universe
  • God does not need to come in physical form as he and she are already manifest throughout the whole universe
  • The universe of mortals has been transformed into a dualistic universe.
  • In this dualistic universe, God is manifested in two forms: God who is awake and God who is asleep.
  • “Mortals see the twoness of God in their imperfection. The Twoness is an illusion in the mind of God.” -- saying of the Imzaami religion. God made himself two in his mind.
  • When a mortal dies, his soul returns to God and he is immediately judged. If has transcended duality, he stays with God. If he has not transcended duality, he reincarnates.
  • Mortals must awaken themselves to God and thus have access to Awoken God's power throughout the universe.
  • Mortals can transcend duality by observing the teachings of the Imzaha Religion.

Expansion of Imzaha

Imzaha spread from a few followers of Ammudiyn the Seer throughout Shagrela'al in the thirteenth century from where is spread by means of missionaries and warriors throughout Weshif and and other lands. Some lands, such as Chalydia resisted conversion to the Imzaha Religion. During the Middle Ages of Chaos, a few places of Imzaamis converted to chaos cults or relapsed to their indigenous religions.

The expansion of Imzaha from the thirteenth through the fifteenth centuries

Imzaha during the Middle Ages of Chaos

During the Middle Ages of Chaos, the Imzaha religion was persecuted and the most devout worshipers were either slain or fled into hiding. Most Imzaamis quietly practiced their religion, avoiding the attention of the chaos rulers who spread throughout the world previously converted to the teachings of Ammudiyn the Seer. After the defeat of the Chaos Rulers, including Ishmutekebessa, Ashazya the Black Opal, and Süjamaz the Ecstatic, the Imzaami religion was again openly practiced. Shagrela'al vigilantly resisted most attempts to impose the worship of the Chaos Gods and became a refuge of lawfulness through the period.


The khaasha is a house of worship where Imzaamis can meet to learn the tenets of their faith, pray, and meditate. Many small towers are present in a typical khaasha as they are considered ideal for meditating as the supplicant is found suspended between heaven and earth which is regarded as the ultimate duality, the span between the infinite and the finite.

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