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A young Incarnandina

The living matrilineal descendant of Shaqtirah kath Katima who is the youngest daughter of the previous Incarnandina assumes the role of Incarnandina by a principle now called "filiastic ultimogeniture.". She is the spiritual head of the Holy Family among the Incarnandist believers. She serves as the de facto head of the Incarnandist community. Incarnandists believe that either the present Incarnandina or a future Incarnandina will be the mother of the Incarnandus who will be the manifestation of the supreme being or God-consciousness in human form. There is not a notion of virgin birth in Incarnandist theology. The Incarnandus is to be the physical manifestation of the whole universe miraculously created in the form and person of a mortal man.

Origin of Word Incarnandina

The word Incarnandina is a terranization of a Khahonri word that is transliterated, "hamyarhakháth" and means "She who is caused to give birth."

Transmission of the Incarnandina Role

According to Incarnandist scripture, the Incarnandus shall be born of a future, matrilineal descendant of Shaqtirah kath Katima. The transmission of this role passes through generations by means of the youngest surviving daughter of the Incarnandina. The Quiernite Monks carefully observe the generations of the Incarnandina, noting all relapses. The General Incarnandist Congregation officially recognized the Incarnandina. It is emphasized by scholars that the recognition given by the congregation is not divinely sanctioned but based upon the best available knowledge.

Lineage of the Incarnandina

The T’ulphi’asi Line consisted of about three successive Incarnandinas and but then reverted to an earlier line. This happened before the Is’bajutha, during the early middle ages (ca 1200's). It was said that the T’ulphi’asi Line died out. Reversion had happened before, but only by one generation, not three. The newly determined Incarnandina was Ti’wi’alánth Incarnandina, thus beginning the Ti’wi’alanthi Line.

Functions of the Incarnandina

The Incarnandina traditionally possesses the power to convoke a general council and to call an isbajath of the Incarnandist community. She leads by example in the Incarnandist Community.

Official Status

There are three types of Incarnandina, although they are not always recognized: Incarnandina Ascensa, Incarnandina Presumptiva, and Incarnandina Designata. The titles, Ascensa (or Ascended), Presumptiva (Presumptive), and Designata (Designate) are simply used to recognize the current three women in the filiastic lineage. The 'Ascended' Incarnandina is the oldest woman, typically an aging grandmother. The 'Presumptive' Incarnandina is usually of early to late middle age and sometimes assumes many of the roles of the Incarnandina Ascended, especially when the latter becomes aged and possibly infirm. The Incarnandina Desginate is regarded as an Incarnandina in training and helps her mother meet the needs of the Incarnandist Congregation, including diplomatic missions.

Non-orthodox Rejection

The mission of the Incarnandina is rejected to some degree by some Incarnandists who are typically called S'ubhalites.

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