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Incarnandists believe that the coming Incarnandus will be the manifestation of the Supreme Being in human form. They believe the Incarnandus will be a male human, son of the present or future Incarnandina, through the lineage of the Incarnandinas, and thus a direct, lineal descendant of Shaqtirah kath Katima. The Quiernite Monks have compiled various prophecies of varying degrees of acceptance concerning the birth and coming of the Incarnandus. The Incarnandist Congregation requires them to report annually upon whether the prophecies of the Incarnandus have begun to be fulfilled.

Origin of Word Incarnandus

The word Incarnandus is a terranization of a Khahonri word that is transliterated, "hamrahukhám " and means "He who is be to be born."

The Incarnandus according to the Incarnandist prophets and Incarnandist interpretation of pre-Incarnandist prophets will be born of mortal parents by filiastic matrilineal descent from the Incarnandina Shaqtirah, will have perfect confidence and knowledge of his mission, will be born in a time of human excess and spiritual ignorance, and will save the universe from entropy.

S'ubhalite Heterodoxy

Some Incarnandists reject the strict notion that the Incarnandus must come through the acknowledged lineage of the Incarnandina. They believe like other Incarnandists that the universe or God the Universe must come in human form to fulfill all creation, but they differ as they do not believe God is obliged to come through any lineage. They generally, but not always, refuse to participate in the Incarnandist Congregation.

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