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The Ithrad Mountains are the highest mountains of southern Pytharnia. Dwarven magdeologers have established that the mountains were formed by volcanic action ages before the titans and modern humanlike civilization. The Ithrads separate the Marshes of Baihu from Lake Lisgoria. The Amosgire Hills rest just to the southest of the Ithrads. Dwarves are the principal humanlike occupants of the Ithrads, having settled the mountains only a few thousand years after the Flood of Aturyanda.

The highest mountain of the Ithrads is Makka K'bar which rises nearly 30 dwarven fathoms (4821m / 15,817 feet) above sea level. Most dwarven magdeologers maintain that the mountain is an extinct volcano, but some insist it is only dormant.

The dwarves are the principal humanlike occupants of the Ithrads and have held their mountain fastnesses there for over ten thousands. Ancient dwarves founded Tauhad, according to their written and oral accounts, in 8763 AS as a refuge from dragons who ravaged Pytharnia in those ancient times. and their state is the dwarven Commonwealth of the Ithrads. Their largest cities are below ground with several entrances to the surface. Tauhad, Adumahas, Sakha, and Behan are the greatest of these. The city of Thiad is also notable, but is located mostly above the surface on the coast of Lake Taungas.

Map of the Ithrad Mountains in mid southwest Pytharnia


The Ithrads are known for gold and copper deposits. There is thought to be still a great quantity of gold and copper in the deeper Ithrads that was not mined in antiquity. The dwarves also cultivate naphtalia for the production of aeolian vapor in industrial quantities.


The Ithrads are sparsely forested due to over-harvesting by the dwarves in the historic past. The government of the Ithrads in cooperation with elves are working to regrow the forests in select areas of the country.

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