Ithradic Dwarves

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Ithradic Dwarves are the ethnic dwarves of the Ithrad Mountains and the Commonwealth of the Ithrads. They are descended from Qaish'aa Dwarves and migrated from Midrardia in very ancient times to their mountain home in south central Pytharnia. These dwarves founded the city of Tauhad in 9687 AS, according to dwarven legend. Ancient Ithradic Dwarves are the ancestors of the non-Amandal Dwarves of the southwest Jaggudorns, namely the modern-day dwarven countries of Dagdoria, Sardeichs, Gdelisica, and Themet. Ithradic Dwarves are paler than Amandal Dwarves and have dark or light-brown hair—a few having blond hair.

Ithradic Dwarven is the most commonly spoken dwarven language in the West. Its relationship, if any, to the Amandal Language is unknown.

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